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Mar 25, 2002 09:59 AM

Best Italian sub in Ravenswood area?

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Hi there. I just took a job at Newark Electronics, 4801 N. Ravenswood, and am wondering if there's a good sub sandwich to be had near here. And don't tell me about no Quizno's! :-)


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  1. I never discovered a great one, but there are two that may be worth your attention. Rocco's, where Lincoln splits away from Western just north of Lawrence, will make you an acceptable Italian sub, or pasta with some of the oiliest red sauce west (or east) of Naples.

    Also, Costello, not an Italian place, makes subs that do not necessarily conform to traditional models (I believe their Italian has garlic mayo on it, among other things), but which are pretty good in their own way. Unfortunately the Costello right there on Lincoln just south of the mall is the second branch of the original shop in Roscoe Village, and is not quite as good as the original, I don't think. But still nice to have in the area.

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      It's not cheap, nor is it a sub, but the best sandwich in the area, hands down, is Mimi's on Montrose just west of Damen. Others on this board have spoken of it before.

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        Schatz MacArthur

        Agreed. Mimi's has the best sandwiches in the city, not just Ravenswood, in my opinion. I wish I had a French panini right now.

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          hey, everyone; sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mimi's is closing for good at the end of this week. see my more recent post above. get yer awesome french style sub while you can!!

    2. My office just moved into the block south of Lawrence on Ravenswood, so I've been exploring places I didn't know in the area.

      Mimi's is the best.

      Not a sub, but Italian, Caro Mio at 1825 W. Wilson has a great soup and salad lunch special (all their lunch specials are a good deal, basically it's dinner at about half the price) for $6.95. A huge bowl of soup and a large salad. The potato and pasta soup is really good, a Barese specialty. As the waiter said, they "golden" the pasta. (It's toasted.)

      Next door at Sabor a Cuba you can get a decent Cuban sandwich. Also not Italian, but a sub-like creature.

      Another sub-like creature within striking distance are the Vietnamese subs at the place next to the Thai Grocery on Broadway at Argyle. Name escapes me.