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NYPizza: Best in D'twn Chicago?

AndrewNY Mar 22, 2002 09:38 PM

On the recommondations from this board (thanks!), I've been to New York Pizza a number of times. Consistent with many other chowhounds, I found it pretty good, but not great. So I sought out other contenders, which were also listed on this board. This was a mistake. Two other places, Gigios, and Cafe Luigi's, didn't nearly live up to NYP. I threw out half the slice at Luigis. Gigios was tollerable, but still not much better than the Ritz-cracker crust Chicago pizza. Any others folks can recommend within the city limits which is better than NYP?

homesick for really good NY Pizza,


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  1. s
    sti3 RE: AndrewNY Mar 25, 2002 10:05 AM

    Your subject line is misleading. Downtown Chicago refers to the area roughly between Taylor, Chicago, Halsted, and the lake.

    Anyway, since you're talking about the whole city limits, the place I like for foldable pizza is Donny's down by Comiskey park. I also like the greasy stuff down at Bacci on Chicago and Western.

    And don't diss Chicago pizza okay?

    1. m
      Mike G RE: AndrewNY Mar 25, 2002 07:03 PM

      I haven't done much more than grab a slice at whatever Original Ray's was closest to me while I'm in New York (which isn't often any more). But... that caveat in mind... I just ordered Pizza Bubamara again tonight and, if Bosnian pizza is not the same as Bronxian pizza, at least the freshness and spici/garlickiness of the ingredients and the distinctly un-cracker-like crust would probably at least appeal to a NY pizza fan, even if it wouldn't fool him.

      I know there are other discussions of Bubamara here, but for now, here's the address:

      4607 N. Wolcott St.

      And here's Metromix's appreciative review:

      Link: http://www.metromix.com/top/1,1419,M-...

      1. s
        sc RE: AndrewNY Mar 25, 2002 07:14 PM

        heh, you can diss chicago pizza all you like, I'm with ya! NY Pizza on Lawrence is the closest I've found - sorry I can't be more help. You might enjoy Piece in Wicker Park, although it's not exactly the same idea as NY style it's still pretty tasty.

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