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Mar 22, 2002 01:32 PM

Does anyone know what happened to Farmer Brown's?

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The thread below about Buffalo Wings made me think about how one of the best wings to be had was sold at this little take out shack close to Cabrini Green (I have to admit that the little asian girl that I am was more than a little frightened as I stood in line) on Clybourne (near the Dominick's). The people who worked there were in a kitchen encased in bullet proof glass and they took your order through intercom and slid your food through a metal slot to you! And there were security cameras taping all the customers. They made a few different soul food dishes but their wings were to die for. It was the sauce. They even gave you a piece of white (I think wonder) bread to soak up the drippings with... and I frequently heard customers asking them to "double dip" their order.

There was always a long line of people standing around waiting. Then overnight the place was closed (very suspicious). I've heard rumors that they've opened up farther south. Can anyone confirm this?


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  1. I have no firsthand information but I heard the owner had some health problems and had to close. I know nothing about another Farmer Brown’s opening. Hopefully the owner is doing better and will make a killing when selling the property. Maybe someone with some definite information can confirm or correct.

    Anyone remember Edith’s Barbecue up the street on Clybourn?

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      For the longest time there was a sign on Farmer Browns stating closed due to illness. The sign is gone and I have no knowledge of what is happening.


      1. The owner passed away several years. The business was closed when it became apparent that his situation would not improve. After his death his wife opted not to continue the business. However, the location remains because they own the property and several others in that area. In spite of the meager surroundings the owners were very well to do. Unfortunately we have yet to find another replacement for them.

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          Does anyone have the address of their location? I'm doing a photography session on the area soon for a freelance project. I wouldn't want to get the wrong place. Please help!

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            I don't have an exact address but I can tell you where it is. Head to the intersection of Division and Clybourn street. You'll know you're there due to the large shopping complex with Dominicks grocer and Starbucks. Go north on Clybourn, using the Starbucks as your guide. It is found near the end of the block on the same side that the Starbucks is on. You'll see the smoker in the window. The building is brown and there's a gate on the door. No sign exists.

        2. Yes I am origanilly from Cabrini and that was the best chicken I ever had, the owner passed and his family didn't want to hassle with the business. Yes I remeber Edith's as well.

          1. this was the best fried chicken (dipped) I have ever had in my life. Glad you remembered it :)