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Mar 21, 2002 03:10 PM

searching for buffalo wings

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i personally am not a big fan of buffalo wings, but i have an east coast friend who insists that true tasty buffalo wings cannot be found in chicago (along with fresh seafood, but that's another story)...where can i take her for buffalo wings to prove her wrong? (p.s. she says buffalo joe's in evanston is only "okay.")

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  1. I my mucho beer drinking, wing eating days, Yak zees wings were always great.

    A link below gives all the restaurant info.


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    1. re: Sweet Willie

      Joe's on Weed street has really good wings (most of the other food is good as well too). They also have a ton of TV's which is a bonus. I highly recommend it, some of the best bar food in chicago (and the best sports bar).

    2. BW3's has pretty good wings, they are on Lincoln right by the crazy intersection of Lincoln and Fullerton.


      1. Your friend may be right about the buffalo wings, but I would warrant that is true of the east coast as well. Consider that a chain restaurant (BW3) has been offered up as a place to try by Akiko.... Have your friend prove to you that 'true tasty buffalo wings' exist, period....

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        1. re: Karl
          Vital Information

          Does the fact that BW-3 is a chain, automatically exclude their product from tastiness?

          Does the fried chicken at popeyes suck?

          The donuts at krispy kreme

          The steaks at ruth's chris?

          I agree that there are local places as good or better than those three examples, but that does not diminish their underlying quality.

          I endorsed BW-3 about a week ago.


          1. re: Karl

            Now, now, just because it's a chain doesn't mean it can't have good food. Have you been to Roy's downtown yet? You tell me where I can find better miso glazed butterfish. But Roy's is a chain.

            And I'll put another plug in for a chain that I'm sure will draw comments :). Hooter's wings are unusual in that they are breaded and deep fried, so maybe not your friend's idea of "real wings". But they are very tasty.

            Happy Eating.


            1. re: Karl

              Hey, and I would like to know where your friend goes to have wings out here on the east coast. As a transplanted Chicagoan who is now living in New York, I haven't found a good wing place out here.


              1. re: Karl

                Don't worry Karl, some of us have figured out that you were expressing general skepticism about the dish known as "buffalo wings," rather than commenting on chain restaurants or the Midwest.

                So please keep your posts coming. I too continue to wonder if there is such a thing as a dish of "buffalo wings" that genuinely warrants consumption.

                Although I am intrigued by what I hear about the chicken wings served at Great Sea.

                1. re: Harry V.

                  Don't be just intrigued by the Kampoong ki at Great Seas, go try it! It really is the type of food that inspires cravings and no one does it better. It's the sauce that Great Seas makes that is so special, it must have more sugar and garlic in it than is usual for the dish, the wings are frenched and it is spicy, sweet, savory, and mmm mmm, finger licking good. I also recommend their jya jyan myun (noodles) and a dish I have no idea what the name of but is cold noodles with all kinds of cut up veggies and seafood (almost bi bim bap style) in a light wasabi sauce.

                  Skip the shrimp version of the kampoong ki... it's like eating little balls of fried dough. We kept saying, "hey, where's the shrimp?"


                  1. re: Akiko

                    Thanks, now I'm really ready to go.

                    But I wish you hadn't said that about the shrimp - now my vegetarian-plus-seafood girlfriend won't want to come with me!

                    1. re: Harry V.

                      I had a takeout order of the shrimp and the noodles that akiko mentioned. The chicken were much much better, in fact the whole time i was eating the shrimp, i was longing for the chicken. Get 'em.

                      For your girlfriend - the hot bean curd was a pretty good version

              2. Every monday, few co-workers and I head to the Cactus bar (400 s.wells), where they serve excellent wings. They are meatier than BW-3 wings, grilled with a tangy suace, and perfectly coated with the same suace afterwards. I would not reccommend anything else on the menu, and have not been to the Cactus on state & Rush. Bring your ID. They card EVERYONE,no exceptions.

                And not to stray off the topic too much... Im not a big fan of Joy-Yee in Chinatown by any means, but I got happened to be there the other day, and had some fantastic lemon grass wings....

                1. Being a cheap-a__, I go for the 10c wing nights at Wild Goose and Cleo's fairly often. Wild Goose is usually a little better, but they're both pretty good. I'll have to ask my buddy in NYC to compare the east coast variety (upon hearing what your EC friend's favorite is) to the ones out here but I can't see that it would be that much better.

                  I've had the ones at Stevie B's on Ashland and liked them a lot--less drippy and hotter (upon request) than the standard issue.