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Aug 20, 2002 06:04 PM

Hungry U Grinders

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The Hungry U on Roosevelt Way has been gone for years, but I still crave their fantastic grinders stuffed with meat, cheese, and pickled vegetables. Does anyone know if the owners set up shop somewhere else, and if not, how to duplicate the recipe? I mean, down to the ratio of cheese to mayo to was that good.

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  1. This establishment was owned by my uncle and Sandy Pody. They sold it and opened up The Old Time Cafe which was sold and became the Old Timers Cafe in Pioneer square. I grew up on these sandwiches. I spent countless hours in the kitchen when I was a kid. There is no proportions. They were made in such haste as the demand was so high at luch and dinner that they were slapped together. The Grinder is a wet sandwhich as my uncle used to say. Start with a Gais frech roll, add plenty of mayo and mustard. The sequence is mor important than the proportions. This is such an old post that if you reply to me I will give you the recipe and sequence of a proper grinder. If you ate the Caesar sald there you know it was also the best in Seattle, made fresh ever day an I will give up that too. Glenn Davis passed last year so the true secret went with him but I make a wicked sandwich learned from him. You made my day today when I was bragging about my Uncles sanwhiches and how his pizza made Northlake Tavern look like Pizza hut to my friends at work.

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      I spent many happy times and great meals at the Hungry U and miss it still...I've bragged for years about the Grinders, the pizza's and the Caesar Salad to friends and family, as well as, the 'famous graffiti walls' ..... I would totally LOVE to have your recipes for the Caesar Salad and the Grinder 'wet sandwich' PLEASE!!! Looking forward to turning others' onto your versions of all.....Thanks ever so much..... A 'die-hard' 70's Hungry U fan......Kohanu

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        Great memories of the HungryU,I was in Juniour high school when I had my first roast beef grinder,I lived across the street for 3 years and at least 3 times a week I would get one for dinner,always will remember when it came out and he would take a special little bottle and squirt olive oil on the sandwitch before wrapping it up for me to take home.
        To me it was the salsa that was the main ingrediant and loved
        My recipie is simple,Cut up equal size and portions of onions,tomatoes and dill pickel,1/2inch. approx. and mix together and add some Italian seasoning,pepper and garlic powder.
        Let it marinade for awile and I also add some olive oil too.
        The rest you know

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          GlennDavis, come back to us and please share those recipes! Our hungry memories are waiting....!

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            Hello-did you ever know the owner of Hungry U named Rick? I can't remember his last name. Do you know what ever happened to him after he closed the Hungry U? Thanks for any info.

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              I worked at the Hungry U for the summer of 1980 then from 1981 for a couple of years. (lived down the street ) The owner at that time was Rick Pearce.. i think that is how his last name is spelled there was also a manager named jeff .. can't remember last name . sorry jeff if you see this... . I still make the grinders for my family -... though mustard was never part of the recipe when i was there actually i rember the north lake tavern was the only other place that compared to the Hungry U.. it brings back great memories great food - the recipe from et 1955 is right on - also buy french rolls cut in center take out some ot the bread generously add mayo - stuff with meat or vegetable then add mozzerella cheese , bake upright in hot oven 400 ish - need to heat up inside first in micro for 30-45 secs ... bake until cheese melts take out oven cut in half add vegetable topping... enjoy... but the pizzas were also great with a simple recipe....
              Last i saw Rick... had a baby or more with Sheryl (?) Hoping they are doing well wherever they are... Janice

            2. re: GlennDavis

              we are all waiting for you to return to this post!! i used to love the 'veggie grinder'....everyone loves different ones....i am long gone from seattle (boo hoo) but the veggie grinders live on in my gurgling stomach memories!! please hurry back and tell us all the seemed the veggie grinder, had so many different combo's of ingredients even while eating it i was wondering what was in it. if anyone else knows the ingredients for veggie grinder please let me know!! thank you!!

              I remember rick fondly too.

              1. re: GlennDavis

                I just got on the internet looking for someone else who remembered these sandwiches! I grew up. Them. My dad was friends with your family and used to bring home the best grinders and pizzas I have ever tasted. He would also try to replicate the recipe in our kitchen. Chopping up the pickles and I ins and tomatoes just so. When people say they want a grinder I always shake my head because they have no idea of what the best grinder is! Please share the recipe with me as my husband is a true pizza and grinder lover but need a good schooling on what "the best ever" truly is. We lived just up the street and all of us went to Blessed Sacrament School right there on Roosevelt.

              2. Several of us were just talking about the The Hungry U last week. An all-time favorite for me. I would stop by on my way home from the UW. I too, would love to have your recipes! Thank you for sharing - my tastebuds can hardlly wait!

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                  The hungry U was my favorite place to eat as a college student at the U of W. My sister and I still talk about that amazing Turkey Grinder. I would so love the recipe Glenn Davis !

                2. Ok,any of you go to Dante's or Big Moma's pizza,my mother was head bartender there and Big moma's pizza was accross the street and Hungry U was one block north,2$ got alot of food back then,pizza from big moma's or a grinder,yum,soory but yes hungry u and northlake made great pizza but the chicogo style pizza made at Big Moma's was better.I know people will argue that but at 12 years old I worked at Pizza Pete in the U district,1967 and I ran the back kithchen,Oh any of you remember the outrages taco company,it was accross the street from safeway,John who created Big Moma's also started that place,I remember when he came back from a trip to california and ask me to try this taco he made,well I loved it but not as much as his Italion sausage and mushroom pizza Keep the memories Coming

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                  1. re: et1955

                    I remember Dante's but is the era I went Big Momma's had already changed to Piccolo's. I used to like the veggie weird as it was with a huge pile of veggies and alpha sprouts. Hungry U was still up the street. I do remember the Outrageous Taco Company.

                    I used to love the little Mediterranean store that fell to McDonald's.

                    1. re: knowspicker

                      I also remember the Outrageous Taco Company--delicious memories. And what was the name of the Pizza Place on the Ave that brought the pizza down on a dumb-waiter (it was made upstairs) and they had an amazing sound system blasting music

                      1. re: ChefGordon

                        It sounds like it could be the Shakey's Pizza that was on the Ave in a brick building with 2 levels and few parking spots upstairs and out back off the alley. Home of the lunch time fried chicken and pizza buffet.

                        1. re: ChefGordon

                          I have another pizza place to add to the list,Pizza Haeven,had two resteraunts,one in the Udistrict and the other by Northgate,great salad bar and good pizza

                    2. Oh, let's not forget Morning Town Pizza,

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                        I loved that place. Somewhere I have the recipe for their pizza crust. In the early 70s, I asked for the recipe (not expecting to get it) and they gave it to me. I never converted the recipe for a single pizza. Their recipe began with 10 lbs whole wheat flour... :)

                        1. re: dfenno

                          Would love that pizza dough recipe if you ever find it! So fun to remember those wonderful foods :)

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                          And then there is Testa Rossa; the only REALLY good deep-dish pizza place Seattle had IMO... after they shuttered, and Andrea was trying to get the pizza into production for Costco, I worked for a while running her catering operation - and have ALL the recipes for pizza, salads, aptz. etc.

                          I loved the southwest pizza with the cilantro pesto and roasted chilies in it, and the mandarin orange salad.

                          Now if I could only find my recipe set from managing the kitchen of Trattoria Pagliacci, from when it was on the corner of Broadway and Denny - that would be SO great. I would eat pagliaccio salad every day at home! Sigh.

                        3. A little off topic, but this group seems to remember many of the same haunts I do - any of you recall a fun band that played at Doc Maynard's in the late '70's / early '80's? They played a big variety of music and always closed with Good Night Sweetheart. One of the crowd participation songs was "In a cabin in the woods little old man by the window stood saw a rabbit helping by knocking on his door .....". You had to do the hand motions and it got faster and faster and funnier and funnier as one got drunker and drunker....At any rate, I'm unable to come up with any information on the group. Thank you.