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Mar 9, 2002 09:01 AM

taking college kids out to dinner

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We'll be in Chicago in April and will be taking our son who's a U. Chicago freshman and a couple of his friends out to dinner. We usually stay up around Lincoln Park. Our son doesn't want to eat in Hyde Park (nothing great there I guess) and doesn't want Chinese or other oriental food and doesn't want to dress up. We want to give him a good meal but not spend more than 10-15 dollars for entrees (could be several friends...). Last fall we used your excellent suggestions and went to Dona Lolis which was fab, and also noon-o-kebab which was great but too far of a drive, we don't know our way around chicago that well and probably should have taken a highway. Both those places had just the right ambiance for college kids, not intimidating, though noon-o seemed pretty fancy to them. I think they'd enjoy anything european or south/central american or african; since they're nineteen year old boys they need generous helpings and plenty of protein. Any suggestions? Thanks much, and keep up the good work...

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  1. El llano on Lincoln just south of Irving Park, about 3900. Columbian, nicely decorated, huge portions of various cuts of beef, also chicken, roast lamb, roast rabbit (which I've had was excellent) everything comes with several carbs and a great green salsa. Try the maracuya in water for a great drink, I don't think they have a liquor license.

    Cafe LaGuardia, Cuban, also good portions the best mojo (garlic sauce) in town. On Armitage about 5 blocks west of the Kennedy Expressway, about 2100 West. Also nearby is Care Bolero which is good, also Cuban.

    Any number of places in Greektown, Parthenon for roast pig, others will probably chime in with suggestions, I don't get to Greektown much.

    Turkish, Anatolia Kebab on Lincoln about 4600 North. Very good, in my opinion the best turkish in town.

    All of these places jeans are acceptable.