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Mar 7, 2002 09:21 AM

The BEST (cherries)

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Those who wander around know that there is a board called The Best. It is only for New York however. Since we do not have the equivilant board, I thought a thread would do. Why? Because last night I found something that truly is the best.

The Matchbox is a matchboxed sized bar near the intersection of Milwaukee and Chicago. As I explained to Ms. VI this morning, our bungalow kitchen is wider than this place. Well, the Matchbox serves up some snazzy drinks, wines by the glass and beers, but what they really do, is proffer the best cherries in town.

At the Matchbox, no one should be afraid of ordering an old fashioned or manhattan or even a rob roy (who drinks rob roys?) for fear of cancer inducing marishino's. Instead, they take real cherries (perhaps those hungarian morello's found in better gourmet stores everywhere) and marinate them in fine brandy. Believe me, these cherries were more liquored up than my manhattans. They only made a fine drinker finer. To quote, one of our town's famous architects, "God is in the details."

Any other bests?


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    David Hammond

    Shocking as it may seem, the best veal I've had in a very long time was at…Maggiano’s. That’s right, that prime product of the Lettuce Entertain You empire, the Disneylands of Dining, where almost every restaurant is a very “reasonable facsimile” of the real thing (Shaw’s is a repro of a Chicago seafood joint from days gone by, Mon Ami Gabi is Melman's take on the French bistro…or is it a brasserie (?) – anyway, I love them all…it’s a guilty pleasure…as, I guess, is veal itself…so shoot me!).

    Anyway, about the veal. It was done marsala-style. About 3 3-ounce slabs, laid out in a light sauce, done pink in the middle and slightly crisp on the outside. And there was a good quantity of it. I gotta tell you, with most veal dishes, I just don’t get enough. Maybe I’m a glutton – okay, I’m definitely a glutton – so when I order veal, I want more than a few silver dollar-sized slivers – gimme the hefty slices, big mouth-filling bites, deftly prepared, in a convivial atmosphere, and I’m one happy ginzo gourmand.

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      The best ham sandwich in the city is available from the hands of Mimi, of Mimi's Specialty Deli, on the north side of Montrose just west of Damen. A delicious Red Hen baguette slathered with superb butter (sometimes Vermont, sometimes French), with a lovely wrap of dark-green lettuce (never highly ribbed or stalky, just tender green leaf), beautiful red tomatoes that have been salted and peppered, luscious French ham and generous strips of brie.

      Not even I, a mustard freak, would ever dream of spoiling one of Mimi's masterpieces with the tiniest speck of Dijon.

    2. By the way, small jars of Matchbox cherries are available for sale at the bar.