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Mar 7, 2002 07:24 AM

Desperately seeking recommendation for wedding anniversary dinner

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Like many semi-frequent posters, I roll my eyes every time I read another post from someone looking for a “good place to eat in Chicago.” So imagine my embarrassment as I post this request for a recommendation for a good place to take my spouse for our wedding anniversary on March 20 (at least I think that’s when it is – it’s close to then, at any rate). We’re celebrating a big one (20 years), so I need an outstanding place – not necessarily a “fancy” place, but definitely something a cut above the usual run of places I post about (you know, joints that specialize in patty melts or where you have to eat standing next to your car).

So, what do you think? I need a restaurant within about 20 miles of the Loop, any direction, any ethnicity (though preference would probably be French, Italian or Japanese, if that helps), and a place appropriate to this august occasion. Extra points will be awarded (and believe me, I need them) for obscure,out-of-the-way, little known establishments that turn out to be wonderful.

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  1. So you really want not just a fine restaurant (which are falling off trees in this town) but one that has more than the usual architectural/hideaway atmosphere and memorableness.

    I hate to be a boob and recommend a place I haven't yet been, but a waiter there is a friend of a friend and everybody says it's swell and it is, while quite close to the Loop, nonetheless in a funky under-the-El (and supposedly ex-brothel) location: Rushmore.

    I've also seen some people kind of knock MK a little lately, but when I went there over a year ago it was awfully good, and had a pleasant, trendy but not too snooty atmosphere. It's also the rare place where it's actually better to be seated up in its equivalent of Siberia, looking down on the trendier than thou. But you might want to solicit more recent food reviews.

    1. dave, i'd like to recommend 2 french restaurants. to me, french will always be the ultimate romantic place, and that is what you need for an anniversary. one is cafe matou in wicker park. i've eaten there many times. wonderful food but its not super expensive or stuffy. it's also quiet, so you can converse. the other, jackie's bistro in evanston i've only been to once. again, a charming, intimate room (or series of them), very good, not fussy food, and relative quiet.both have street parking. bonne anniversaire!

      jackie's bistro, 2545 prairie,(847)733-0899
      cafe matou, 1846 n. milwaukee (773)384-8911

      1. Second the Cafe Matou recommendation, have been several times, wonderful food, very nice and helpful wine guy, easy to park. Went there last year on either birthday or anniversary.

        Also French and very nice where we went for either birthday or anniversary (close together in the fall, hard to keep straight) was Cyrano's Bistrot in River North (on Wells I believe). Also wonderful food, I hear it can be very crowded on weekends, especially Fridays. They have a regular menu and a menu where you can choose from several choices for a multi-course meal, you get to choose the number of courses. Nice wines by the glass to match with courses. I believe they also have a foie gras du jour. If it's not crowded when you're there, there's a little nook between the bar and the main room where it's a little more intimate.

        Enjoy. Report back. I've got a 20th coming up myself.

        1. I know this isn't an undiscovered gemand its pricey, but one thing you might want to look into is tru. I recommend them mainly because I would love to try the dessert tasting menu. What's romance without chocolate and she is pretty well known for her desserts. you could always just go for desert.

          more info at the link below


          1. My favorite French American restaurant is Marche on Randloph & Halsted. I've had many a superb meal there. Its romantic, but not intimate. Its more open than other choices provided, but still a recommendable place for your anniversary dinner.