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Feb 16, 2002 06:23 PM

Tandoor Asia--Indian Style Chinese Food

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While heading west on Devon today, I noticed a new (or maybe just new to me) storefront restaurant (east end, close to Western) called Tandoor Asia, which advertised in addition to the obvious tandoor cooking (which was actually listed last) Indian Style Chinese Food, also Moghlai and something else. It's a small place, but looks like it has comfortable chairs for sitting and waiting in the window. Couldn't really look too long as someone started honking at me.

I remember reading on this or another of the boards about Indian Style Chinese. Anyone (Zim?) have any insights or can provide me with a link that won't make my computer crash? In my house, searching= crashing.

I was headed a little further west on Devon, at the direction of Amy at Anatolia Kebab. Will post more about my adventures there later.

As an aside, as I was crossing California at Devon on foot a while later, a fire engine took almost 5 minutes to navigate the last block of northbound California. By then, California had cleared out, but it then turned eastbound onto Devon. It's a wonder the whole neighborhod didn't burn down--they weren't going anywhere fast.

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  1. annieb,

    that place got my curiosity going too. I haven't eaten there but went in to check out the menu and talk to the owner.

    From what I could tell this is not the type of food you have heard discussed on other boards where chinese immigrants to India (mainly calcutta) developed a syncretic cuisine employing indian produce and spices, but rather something capitalizing on the fact that its kind of a craze in india to have chinese food on the menu (almost every sit down place there had a couple of chinese items on the menu). These taste well like an amateur indian cook trying to approximate fried rice and being unable to forget his own preferences ("a litle turmeric might make it tasty")There aren't too many "chinese" dishes on the menu - I think last time I checked 1-chicken 65 (sometimes also called chili chicken) which is the standard dish for this cuisine. kinda like chicken pakoras covered in a tomato based chili sauce. I've never really had a good version of this (though my cousin in NYC claims that there are good ones out there). Of course that's just my read on it.

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      with just a little bit of digging, I found a recommendation for the follwing book about the chinese experience in calcutta. I also found out that the reason you are hearing more about the food now is that the community is pretty much leaving calcutta because their main economic activity (tanneries) are being relocated.

      book info is at attached link


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        Thanks, Zim. Let me know what you think if you eat there.

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          If you're interested in trying Indian style Chinese food, my friend from Bombay loves Hot Wok Village in Arlington Heights. It's "Bombay style Chinese food". I haven't been there, but the Singaporean in the house is dying to go. He's hoping it will be similiar to some of the Indian food in S'pore, but from the menu it doesn't look that way. They have a very annoying website with tons of popups I'll include a link for.



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            in case folks are interested in this place, I came across an article about it from a web portal aimed at Indians. It's attached below. Unfortunately, I don't get out to arlington heights all that often.