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Jan 23, 2002 04:43 PM


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Saw a rumor on another site that Charlie Trotter's is closing?!?!? What's the real story?

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  1. Most recent update I've heard is that the Armitage Avenue restaurant will remain open under the aegis either of Matt Merges, the chef de cuisine, or David LeFevre (sp?), a sous-chef. CT himself, possibly with Guillermo Tellez assisting, will apparently be moving for a year or more to England to (a) open "Charlie Trotter's at The Hospital (which latter is, I gather, something of an artists' colony for which CT's will be the canteen, in addition to a small, less formal public restaurant space)" in London and (b) to read/rest/recover from years of high-octane burnout (not to mention a recent divorce, so I hear!). I have understood that there are more cookbooks and Kitchen Sessions in the pipeline, but have heard no timeline that I trust on the matter.

    That's what I'm hearing so far: stay tuned, sports fans. Any other versions out there?