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Jan 14, 2002 03:59 PM

francheezies (and a hello)

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hi, i'm pretty new to this board, though i've spent a lot of time in the last month going over archives and old posts. there's a fascinating amount of information here!

i've browsed a lot of threads on hot dogs and used the search feature on the chowhound main page, but can't seem to find anything on the francheezie: a hot dog injected with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. i know, it sounds like a heart attack on a bun, but it's actually quite good. i was wondering if anyone else here enjoys the occasional francheezie, and if so, where is your favourite place for one?

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  1. The local variant of the francheezie as I know it involves a cooked hot dog slit lengthwise and stuffed with cheese, which assembly is then wound around with still-pliable cooked bacon, placed (ideally) in a nicely toasted hot-dog bun and served with piping-hot frites. Pretty much my fave place to enjoy this is a deli sort of place called the Bagel on Broadway south of Belmont on the North Side. I don't have it often (avoiding cardiac hazard, as you note), but it tastes all the better when I do!

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      Lady T describes the Francheezie perfectly. This used to be a staple at Delis and coffee shops around the Chicago Area. I don't think it was widely available outside of Chicago since I tried putting it on a menu in Dixon, IL and they did not know what I was talking about. You're absolutely right this is a heart attack on a bun and probably why it lost its popularity along with other good hot places in Chicago.

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        Sorry to digress folks...

        I've got to ask you...which restaurant in Dixon? My father used to practice at KSB. The Brown Shingle? Red Apple?

        Erik M.

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          I was a dietitian at two nursing homes in Dixon and made the trip from Northbrook 4 or 5 times a month. I do remember the Big Apple I think. This was 25 years ago. I also remember it being a pleasant place with pleasant people.

    2. they serve francheezies at Le Sabre - at the corner of Damen and Montrose (although the dog is split in half, as Lady T describes)

      1. Welcome!

        I think you’re right; until now there hasn’t been a word about francheezies on this board. I wonder if they aren’t becoming an endangered species, along with the patty melt.

        This is yet another of those questions that had me wracking my brain, trying to remember where I had recently seen something about one trivial topic or another. The mention of The Bagel was the trigger I needed. I last saw francheezies on the menu at Ada’s Deli. I don’t know what it is about Chicago delis and francheezies. Maybe this belongs in the Oddities & Oxymorons thread as the francheezie simultaneously violates several of the major Jewish dietary taboos. As well as most of the current healthy eating taboos.

        The francheezie as I know it is indeed deep fried (after raw bacon is wrapped around the cheese-stuffed frankfurter). Don’t want to skimp on the fat, y’know.

        I’ve eaten at Ada’s a couple times with mixed results. Never a francheesie, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a good one. The dining room is quite odd. Even though it’s a new room it has that faded, dim atmosphere of a once-elegant hotel coffee shop. I think they are open until midnight which makes it worth remembering (one of the few late alternatives to Miller’s in that area). They have little buckets of pickles on each table, a definite plus. I just hope they use kosher hot dogs!

        Ada’s Famous Deli
        14 S Wabash Av

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          ooh, ooh - they've got pretty good patty melts at Le Sabre, too!

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            If I'm not mistaken I think Twisted Spoke also has a patty melt on their menu. The fat boy has enough fat for me so I haven't tried it.

        2. I was actually thinking about francheezies a few weeks ago and wondering if they'd ever been brought up on the board. Didn't want to do it myself because I'm a hot dog iconoclast, or at least a Chicago-style hot dog iconoclast. When I first moved here, mid-70s, I worked near Union Station and at times, when a customer would authorize overtime we would get bought dinner. At that time, there wasn't much choice. Especially at dinner time. Mother's was a place on W. Adams, owned by Greeks, I believe (my boss was Greek and could police the owners if we ordered anything on the greek part of the menu). Once somebody suggested a francheezie and I went along for the ride.

          A sort of horrible but wonderful ride. Was there ever a francheezie that wasn't a jumbo hot dog? Could you actually get a francheezie without fries?

          At the time, my regular lunch was a liverwurst sandwich from what must have been the first new restaurant to open up west of the river in years, a deli in one of the first loft conversions. But the francheezie was in a class all its own.

          Didn't it come on a bun that was buttered, then grilled?

          1. I spotted a Francheezie today on the menu at Barnum & Bagel for 4.95. I was somewhat tempted but instead
            decided to postpone a heart attack and instead opted for the Boiled Chicken in the Pot,which is a huge pot of chicken,matzo ball,kreplach,rice,noodles and potato. Comes with salad or cole slaw for 9.50.
            4700 Dempster St Skokie, IL 60076

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              Old thread year but I was jonesing for a Francheezie today...hence the search.

              The last Francheezie I had was at the "Choo, Choo" in Des Plaines some years back. I just checked their menu online and it looks as if they no longer offer them.

              Just checked out the menu at "Kappy's" in Morton Grove. Looks like they have not only Francheezies but Patty Melts, Tuna Melts and French Dips. Jackpot!

              P.S. Oddly enough looks like the the Francheezies are "...served hot with whipped potatoes and soup." Hmmm.......