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Jan 8, 2002 11:30 AM

Best roasted nuts in the city?

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Just my .02: Ricci's on Superior in River North has the best roasted nuts and candies in the city. The prices are great too: i.e. $5.75 for a lb. of roasted cashews. They also sell raisins, and even candy corn. I've yet to try Nuts on Clark. I hope I'm not missing out, but Ricci's is outstanding.

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  1. Exactly were is Rickys. My husband loves cashews and we work in river north and live nearby. It certainly would be great to go there.

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      Ricci's is on W. Superior, North side of the street, just a few doors East of Wells. I think they're down the street from the Brehan Pub. Best to follow your nose.

      Sorry I don't have the exact address. They're probably in the phone book.

    2. Went to Ricci's on Friday Afternoon. Did a number there. Bought cashews for hubby, walnuts for me, pistachios and jelly beans. All were extremely fresh and great tasting as we sat in the car sampling before getting on our to finish shopping. I had a chance to compare the cashews with those I had just opened from Trader Joes on Sunday. Ricci's were much better tasting much fresher and my husband says that Trader Joes cashews were better than Whole Foods. Well Ricci's has a new customer especially since it is right near our home and office and with the loading zone in front an easy place to get into and shop and leave. Thanks again for the tip.

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        If you want a little twist on your roasted nut thing check out some of the stores on devon. My dad always gets these roasted cashews with spices at rajbhog, if you want to do alittle sampling there are the big clay pots aisle in patel bros with a number of different preparations of rasted nuts with spices (as well as many other salty snacks) and you can discretely sample a handful of each one (don't worry if you look closely every indian face in the store is chewing)