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Dec 26, 2001 01:35 PM

Pilsen/Mexican Fine Arts suggestions?

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In her ever present need to "do something" with the kids, Ms. VI suggested the Mexican Fine Arts Museum, with associated Pilsen lunch, a bow to my sensibility and priorities.

So, there seems to be plenty of 26th street discussion, but nothing on Pilsen. Where?


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  1. actually, rob, there was a discussion on the board recently re: 18th street restaurants. i took a bunch of people to playa azul(1514 w. 18th), after hearing the mostly positive comments about it, particularly about the shrimp dishes. we had a good meal, plus excellent margaritas, and a clean bathroom. (The week before i walked out of cuernavaca's (1158 w. 18th), before ordering because the women's bathroom was so disgusting. i've also recently eaten at la condesa (2230 s. ashland) but wasnt impressed. i had a decent bowl of shrimp soup, but my friend's chicken dish in some bland sauce was extremely stringy and dry. it's popular, but i dont feel like going back. a non mexican place on 18th that is very funky and charming is the jumping bean cafe. i've only had drinks there but it seem s like a friendly place to hang out and they have sandwiches and light meals. i cant find it in the phone book, but its somewhere within a few blocks east of the fine arts museum. joan

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      Vital Information

      You know, Joan, you are not off-base. I did a chow search on Pilsen and found squat, but later, in my post christmas induced boredom, I found some Pilsen stuff by manually scrolling the board. For instance, there was a nice write-up of Gonzales on 18th and Damen as well as your post.

      I do have to add, Gonzales sounds pretty taqueriaish, is there anything, er more unique?


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        just working my way through some of the posts i missed while i was away.

        below is a link to the earlier discussion of playa azul

        also, i have always had good experiences at nuevo leon though the lines are long, and at casa de puebla the steam table place next to the grocery store on blue island.

        also here is the link to rene's writeup of the food from dekegar at the world music festival. I had a pretty similar experience with their food (also eaten at the hothouse during a concert). it's a liberian place situated in the middle of pilsen.


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          There is a fabulously interesting joint that used to be called Teocalli (accent on the "i") on Ashland south of 18th. They just changed there name, but I haven't checked it out. That place was awesome, quite out of the ordinary as mexican places go. They had these amazing quesadillas stuffed with chihauha cheese, sauteed vegetables, shrimp, and my new favorite ingredient, huitlacoche (corn mushrooms). Very nice staff, and reasonable!