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Dec 19, 2001 12:54 PM

my fatherhound (longish)

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A few times every year, my good old Dad calls me up and says he'll be on my doorstep for a weekend of chowing, drinking, and catching up.

Our dining decathalons usually go something like this: saturday morning arrival, then a walk to lincoln square for some landjager sausage, then onto the el for sushi happy hour at shiroi hana.

We walk for a bit, see some neighborhood sights (men urinating in dumpsters, trixies prancing with cell phones), stopping for beers or a hot dog (which we split. We are not uncouth gluttons. Gluttons, yes. But not uncouth) while excitedly planning dinner destinations. Dinner on saturday night is usually somewhere kind of swell (Arun's, Atlantique, Mas, Rambutan have been among past picks), while Sunday nights we stay kind of close to home in Andersonville (Calo, La Donna, Ethiopian Diamond).

This is one of those weekends, and I'm coming up dry with some picks, which is where you come in, beloved brethren.

Dad shows up on Friday at 3 on the Gold Coast, spiriting me away from the office, where we will either get a nosh (ideas?) or a swell drink at Matchbox. We have a car this time, so we're heading to Sam's Wine before the evening rush, and then onto dinner, probably at Sai Cafe.

On Saturday, I want to head over to Lincoln Square, although other neighborhood suggestions are welcomed (we can go far afield this time, with the car and all). However, we're going to be back in Roscoe Village by 2:30, for a split at Hot Doug, and an order of lovely duck fat fries. At this point, I'm guessing that we'll be in a food coma for a bit, but when we emerge, where should we go for dinner? I wouldn't mind trying something new, but not uber-trendy.

We're heading back home to Ohio on Sunday afternoon, so I'm also looking for some good, interesting snack spot for the morning before we truck out. Again, suggestions are welcomed.

What nosh spot would you include on a dreamy december weekend? Lemme have it,

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    Nikki, your weekend sounds like a lot of fun, let us know how it turns out.

    Your post reminded me of a recent discussion I has with Ms. VI about what my cousin should cook for a prospective boyfriend. I said, the best steak she could find, with a cesar salad and a baked potato.

    So, when I think where you should go with chowdad, well I think red meat. Actually, my suggestion, Hugo's Frog Bar, is not really a steak place, but they serve Gibson's steaks.

    Before reading too far, let it be said that Hugo's is not cheap. Still, you will be amply rewarded in an only in Chicago high roller kind of meal, attended to by gobs of waiters that will make you feel like a big shot. Good, basic, special.

    My favorite dish at Hugo's is actually the lake pearch special. The burger is also very good at half the price of other entrees, so you can save your money for big stiff drinks and the huge deserts. A splurge entree or appetizer is the crab cakes with hot pink mayo. Very dependent on crab meat, they will re-invigorate your love for this dish.

    Good luck!