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Dec 14, 2001 12:43 AM

Henry's Hamburgers? Wimpy's in the Loop!

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Anyone remember Henry's Hamburgers. They had great burgers in the Chicago area. I knew of 3 locations, on Fullerton and Central, on Western accross from Riverview and on Rt.83 in Wheeling. Does anyone know when they closed? Did the fast food giants knock them out of business?
Also I remember when I was a kid Wimpy's hamburgers downtown. Anyone know if this chain is in existance anymore?

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  1. Don't know about Henry's but Wimpy's went the way of the dinosaurs about 15 years ago.

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      interestingly enough,

      if you want wimpy's, I just saw one in new delhi, on connaught place (I didn't eat there, but it looked the same, though i imagine it doesn't have quite the same burgers)

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        There used to be a Henry's in the building that's the Hot Dog Stand on the same block of Clark as Wrigley Field. There was also one in Skokie near Grosse Pointe and Golf (where there was also a Kiddie Land!)

    2. I have a slight recollection that the Henry's chain was bought by another regional player called Carroll's Hamburgers, that was in turn bought by Burger Chef, which was then bought by Hardee's or BK.

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        I used to go to Henry's in Milwaukee - there was a McDonald's across the street, but my dad insisted it was just a fad! You should know that there is still a Henry's in Benton Harbor, Michigan - I've been there a few times.

      2. Wow, do I remember! In 1963 I was going to school at the Ray Vougre School of Art in Chicago. At lunch time I would go around the cornor to Wimpys. The very best!! This Wimpys was right across from the the Old Water Tower just off of Michican Ave. I dont think it is still there.

        1. In the 60's and early 70's there was a Henry's at 79th and Cicero, on the Northwest corner, and there was a Wimpy's at 80th and Halstead, just down the street from the Capitol Theatre and a funeral home. Lots of good memories of that area. I went to Olgesby school. There was a Wimpy's at the Evergreen Park Plaza years ago.

          1. Yes, I just returned from Chicago. Took a wa;k to the cornor Michigan & Chicago Av. whefre I attended art school and ate Wimpys hamburgers in the 60's. Both were gone. So sad.