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Dec 5, 2001 05:03 AM

maxwell street polish sausage!!!

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Does anyone know what kind of polish sausage they use in those stands, they are so great!!! and I would like to fry up some at home. I am way in california and don't get to chicago that much anymore and i really do miss those polish sausage. I want to try and duplicate the polish with the onions. So please tell me what kind of polish sausage it is. thank you!

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  1. They would be either Vienna or Best Kosher depending on the stand. I think Vienna will ship to you in California and Best is owned by Sara Lee and you can probably get them in California. I love them too.

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      when i was at jim's last week they were coming out of a bobak's box...i like vienna or best kosher better...though that may be a genetic as opposed to gourmet preference

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        the best kind of polish sausages are the one that taste the best and give you the best farts.

    2. For a long time Jim’s--on the corner of Maxwell & Halsted and sellers of the definitive Maxwell Street Polish (or Jew Town Polish, in less PC times)--used Slotkowski brand sausages. The sign advertising that fact was so big that many people mistakenly called the hot dog stand Slotkowski’s. The factory used to be on 18th Street, not far from Bishop’s Chili Parlor. They made pretty good sausage, in my opinion far better than Bobak’s, and used to brag that their sausages were served in the US Senate dining room. Does anyone know if Slotkowski’s is still in business? I haven’t seen their products in stores recently (though I have to admit I haven’t looked very hard).

      By the way, if you haven’t been in Chicago recently, the entire Maxwell & Halsted Street business district is gone. It’s been torn down to make room for the U of I and condos. Jim’s Hot Dog Stand has reopened a few blocks away but I haven’t been there yet.


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        My friend went to chicago last week and stoped at a resturant on Halsted St. He purchased 10 Polish Sausages,which he eventually found out that the name of the polish sausage is Maxwells. I am looking to purchase a few cases of maxwells sausages for a family reunion that is comeing up.Can you tell me where I can purchase the maxwells.

        Thank You

      2. Hello. I am starting up a restaurant out here in California near LA. and I want to serve Chicago style food. I am looking for the Maxwell street sausage distribution company that I can speak to. If anyone has a contact name or number that could help me I would be thankful.

        Also if any one has suggestions for Chicago style food.

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          Hey you can try Columbus meat market located in Chicago in the warehouse district. Alot of restaurants get their meat from there & so do I. phn # 312-829-2480. Hope this helps

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            Did you notice that the post you replied to is over 11 years old and is from someone who is not currently registered on Chowhound.

        2. according to Jim's website...The sausages are now made by Bobak's cause Slotkowskis went outta business...Bobak's is supposed to use the same formula however

          1. Chicago food in L.A.??? wont work...those people dont have the stomach for it!!