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Nov 29, 2001 09:32 AM

Croatian/Yugoslavian restaurants in Chicago

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Do folks have favorite yugoslavian places in town? Do they exist?

I know that there is a strong croatian community here (I grew up playing soccer with and against croatians) and in my neighborhood growing up many of the buildings had janitors and often owners who were croatian.

I've tried balkan restaurant but have not had the bourek/bouredzike experience described by the big dog in his special reports or those being talked about on the LA board right now. Does anyone have suggestions?

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    Vital Information

    Your post made me laugh. When we lived in uptown, our condo den mother was croation as was our handy man, and there was an ever flowing parade of croations going in and out of her apartment at all hours. I think they all ate at her house which may explain the lack of croation resturants.

    Has not someone commented before on the "Balkan Resturant" on Lawrence near lincoln, the place with the big grill in the front window. Also, there are several Bosnian places in lincoln square, that I've never tried. I've poked my head into the places a few time, but found them a bit daunting, languagewise.

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