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Nov 26, 2001 10:43 AM

Eats en route to United Center

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Any recommendations for good eats on Friday night en route from downtown to United Center for a Blackhawks game?

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  1. Twisted Spoke at Ogden/Grand has good "bar" type food and a friendly collection of employees and patrons. Be prepared to get more food than you can probably eat at one sitting.

    1. I second Twisted Spoke, great hamburgers called Fat Boys and I really like their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

      Wishbone on Washington also is good. Noted for Southern style food. Usually fast friendly service. Dinners come with a choice of two sides and I love their 3 milk cake if they have it for dessert.

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        Less Then Vital Information

        I concure Twisted Spoke is a fine choice on the way to the Stadium or any time

      2. what do folks say about tufano's? Somewhere down very far on this board jonathan gold said that their pork chops and peppers were as close as he'd get to heaven

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          Tufano's, aka the Vernon Tap, is wonderful. Besides the chops, the chicken vesuvio is also a treat. It's not the big production that it is at Rosebud or Harry Carey's, but for bar food, it's mighty fine.