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Nov 8, 2001 12:09 PM

General Tso's Chicken

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Ever since I moved to Evanston from St. Louis, I have been unable to engage in one of my guilty pleasures--General Tso's chicken. All of the General's chicken which I have tried has been, too sweet, too greasy (hard to do), or has been contaminated with veggies (anathema). So, does anyone know of a good place to get good General Tso's chicken on the far north side of Chicago or the near North Shore suburbs?


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  1. Just before you get to all the car dealers on Chicago Avenue in Evanston if you're coming from Howard street, there's a storefront Chinese in a strip mall called Hunan Spring (down the row from J.D. Mills) that had pretty good General Tso chicken. I don't remember if they contanimated it with veggies or not. No tablecloths or anything like that. Very reasonable. If you go there, you might also stop in to see the nice people at J.D. Mills for all your bulk spice needs. They're fine folks.

    1. Well, having moved from Evanston to St.Louis (!). (And would you like to rent my house? Really.) I'd like to know where you get good General Tso's chicken in St.Louis. Please post to the St.L. board--or to me directly--as i check in here infrequently. Thanks.

      1. A good Tso's is hard to find and contaminated w/veggies (how dare they!).

        Two of my local faves are:

        Lee's Mandarin (just south of intersection of Dempster and Elmhurst) in Des Plaines. IMO, Lee's does everthing better than most chinese restaurants in the area.

        House of Hunan has a good Tso's on their lunch buffet (been to many most are very very poor, but this buffet is a good one.) House of Hunan is located on south side of Golf RD, just west of intersection of Meachem and Golf.