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Nov 8, 2001 12:18 AM

Chicago Pizza

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I've been avidly following Zim's quest for a pizza that will make him holler "MORE" and I applaud Seth's mission to help him succeed.I've read all of the postings (more than once) and it seems to me everyone has gotten bogged down in a "thin-crust" vs. "thick-crust" and "squares" vs. "slices" discussion. What about the other factors that go into the make-up of a better-than-average pie? Italian sausage or un-seasoned ground beef or pork? Seasonings in the sauce? Quality of the cheese? Green peppers - sauteed or raw? I truly believe all of these factors must be considered in any serious discussion of a good pizza along with the crust and cut factors.

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  1. I agree, but those are to me, distinctions that come into play after the crust has been deemed acceptable. A perfect crust will partly redeem unspectacular cheese or tomatoes, but a fabulous piece of sausage will not lift a cracker crust out of the depths of my disapproval. Obviously, a truly great pie synthesizes all the great elements. But for me crust gets the real priority. After that, you can achieve demigod status by pouring on fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and baby artichokes like DiFara's, or by topping it with oil garlic and freshly shucked clams like Pepe's, but without the crust, it's not really great pizza.

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      Why not just eat baked bread?

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        I like to eat baked bread as well. But we're talking about pizza. Right?