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Nov 3, 2001 02:06 PM

italian style dessert place-canolis

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Hey, does anyone know a good sit down dessert place w/some good italian pasteries???

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  1. I'd like to know also if you ever find one!


    1. hey, if while you are at it, you find a place that uses real pistachios on the ends and not peanuts bathed in green food coloring, that'd be a bonus!!!

      by the way, i went to taste of melrose pk. this summer, and i had a really awesome cannoli from one of the booths there. it was a family operation, with the father (i believe) with a giant tube of cannoli cream filling the shells on the spot. his daughters (?), girls about ten yrs. old, would dip the ends in nuts, wrap them in wax paper, and dole them out. very very yummy.
      another yummy italian sweet there were the donut holes (much like spanish rosquillas) that the nuns made. ui forget the name in italian. light and airy, dipped in granulated sugar, not greasy at all...dare i say, heavenly??

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        Fried/sugared "donut holes" = Zeppoli

      2. I’m not a big cannoli fan and am afraid I can’t suggest any great spots. Here’s a list of places that might possibly be of some help. It’s taken from the Cannoli chapter of a 15 year old book by Pat Bruno which itself is a rehash of his old columns so some of the recommendations are 20 years old. I’m sure many of these places are long gone but I’ve marked some with an asterisk that I think may still be around (I don’t have a clue about many of the suburban places). Maybe we can get a few comments on some of these.

        Al Gelato [now Massa]* (Elmwood Park)
        Albano Bake Shop (Elmwood Park)
        Allegretti's Bakery* (Norridge)
        Avanti Ristorante (Antioch)
        Claudio Bakery* (Elmwood Park)
        Domino's Pastries* (Chicago)
        Lezza Spumoni & Desserts* (Bellwood)
        Nuti Bakery (Chicago)
        Raimondi's Pastries (Hillside)
        Salvatore's Ristorante* (Chicago)
        Sicilia Bakery* (Chicago)
        Stefani's* (Chicago)
        Taste of Italy (Calumet City)
        Turano Pastry (Bloomingdale)

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          Vital Information

          I probably should have posted earlier, I might be able to add something.

          I can comment on several of the places listed by Rene as they are in my neck of the woods, but before I do that, I want to mention that in Chicago, on the far western fringe of the Taylor street area, used to be Ferrara. I assume it's still there. They had all the italian stuff.

          As usual, Rene lends his thoroughness to our board. Here's a bit of explanation of the places I know:

          Al Gelato [now Massa]* (Elmwood Park) - Not a bakery, but they do sell fried dough (fritelle). Really good, but so heavy it is better served as a meal than after a meal. Last year, when it got cold, they took out half the ice cream selections and occasionally served pastries brought in from another bakery, Il Giardino (see below). [North Avenue near Johnies Italian Beef]

          Claudio Bakery* (Elmwood Park) - We bought Sophie's birthday cake here a few years ago. Whipped cream, strawberrys and cannoli filing, it was as a good as it sounds. Claudio keeps odd hours and often has very limited selections. The quality belies the sparse business. [Also on North Avenue, closer to the Panera]

          Domino's Pastries* (Chicago) - Better, I used to think, for their Vegasy sign than their goods. Now that they have gone to a painted sign, not much to recomend. Supposedly good for wedding cakes, but I have no idea. [Harlem a few blocks past North, across from Kinko's]

          Sicilia Bakery* (Chicago) out of busines

          Turano Pastry (Bloomingdale) Berwyn? - The Turano bread factory is on Roosevelt road in Berwyn. Attached is a bakery of high quality. I especially like the cheesecake. [Roosevelt near Oak Park Avenue, not far from Fitzgeralds]

          A few not mentioned in Rene's list but in the same area:

          Caputo's (Elmwood Park?) - One of these days, I will do a fuller write-up of Caputo's. It's our version of Fox and Obel. They always carry a huge range of italian pastries including lobster shells and sfogliatelle (sp!) as well as canoli's. The best selection of Italian style breads that I know of in the city. [Harlem between Grand and Diversy]

          Il Giardino - Chicaggo magazine picked these guys as the best Italian bakery a few years ago. I do not know if they are right. Still, every day, you will find a large selection of cookies and pastries. Always a huge plate of broken sample cookies to curb the appetite. [Harlem a bit further north than Caputo's]

          1. re: Vital Information

            I'll second a recommendation for turano's. it's a fave of our family. Last year elizabeth's (my wife)cake was from turano. it was an adventure in chocolateness (chocolaticity? chocolaticiousness?) with strawberries on top. Great.

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          nancy rosman

          not a sit down place, but Bennison's bakery on davis in Evanston has filled to order canoli's