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Nov 2, 2001 07:36 PM

tacos on the North Side

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For those familiar with the strip of mexican shops and restaurants along Clark St. from Pratt north to Howard, would anyone like to recommend a good place for tacos or huevos con chorizo?

I'd be much obliged.

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  1. well, I've tried a few of the places on this strip but still have some work ahead of me for a definitive answer. I will say this, that none of these places below is as good el taco veloz on chicago or even the lomo tacos at arturos or los comales in pilsen and definitely not as good as those in little village. but here are the one i've tried:


    tacos average but this is the place to watch mexican football

    24 hour place on the corner that also serves pizza:
    skip the pizza and the tacos unless its 4am

    taqueria uptown:
    my favorite taco on this stretch. Alpastor has nice flavor, carne asada not bad, serve birria (though its not great)pleasant atmosphere

    taqueria mexico:
    not bad, better than rocky's but not as good as uptown, doesn't serve birria.

    all these places you have to ask for your taco a la mexicana otherwise it gets dumped on with lettuce tomatoes, sour cream etc.

    a couple other places you might want to check out. In the grocery store on that block is a nice little steam table with interesting stuff and a little further south is Quesadillas dona lolis. If tacos are what you are after i'd check out the other places, but for shear eating enjoyment this is the place to hit, great huaraches and quesadillas (this place has been raved about on this board-link below)and you can watch them form the tortillas etc from the window.


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      Thanks for the tips. I've also tried Taqueria mexico Its been inconsistent. Some times great, sometimes poor.