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Nov 2, 2001 03:24 PM

tacos on the west side...

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I'm looking for someplace that has great steak tacos like the ones at La Pasadita on Ashland (the yellow one)... chargrilled steak, onions, cilantro and lime. Someplace around the Galewood neighborhood in Chicago, or in any of the surrounding Oak Park/Forest Park/Maywood area. There are lots of taco places in and around Lake St. but was hoping for a recommendation.


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  1. sorry, I don't really remember the name but if you go south on broadway from lake street towards the end of the little strip on the west side of the street there is a place with a red and white color scheme that I am partial to. nice al pastor, elotes, gorditas.

    Vitalinfo has previously bosted on Birria morelo-I've attached a link to his posting. from a mapquest search I *think* this is their info:

    MELROSE PARK, IL 60160 (US)
    Phone: 708-681-1144

    hope this helps. If you do a sampling of the lake street taquerias, I'd love to hear your findings.


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      Vital Information

      Do you know I forgot about that post, but I think I pointed out the wrong place way back. On the stretch of broadway in downtown melrose park, are two birreria places, both on the west side of broadway.

      the better one, by far, is the one on further south on the street. for real guadalara food, go to this place. you will know you are in the right place when you see chivo jersey's on the wall as well as chivo's playing on the tv. a few hunting trophy's will also let you know you are in the right place. finally, the best carne en su jugo north of 18th street.

      Vital (corrected!) Information

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      Vital Information

      Well I live near north avenue in oak park...

      First, let me say, that I know of no taqueria that grills their steak over live charcol beyond Maxwell street (and maybe frontera).

      So, in the area, probably the best, most authentic taco's are at Los Comales on Lake in downtown Melrose Park, but there are a few decent enough options nearby.

      The taco place in the strip mall on north/oak park avenue is very good, if limited in their menu. i have always had a soft spot for this place since he showed me the big burlap sack of dried chili peppers used to make salsa. their picadillo is especially good too.

      Another place (how's this for names) that I like, is the mexican resurant in the left over chicken unlimited on harlem and grand (southeast side of harlem). nothing spectacular, but above average food and below average prices.


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        grace delcano

        Guess I used the wrong terminology... La Pasadita doesn't grill their steaks over live coals, but they sear them at a high enough heat that you get some burnt crispy edges to the meat, which I like in a steak taco, as opposed to the more steamed grayish meat product you find at other taquerias.

        I've tried North Avenue Burrito (the one in the strip mall) and thought it was only ok. Haven't tried the place over Chicken Unlimited, but also around there is El Alegre Burrito which I think made me nauseous. I'm going to try Los Comales tonight.


        1. re: grace delcano
          Vital Information

          I believe the place i was talking about on harlem was the el alegre that made you nausous, so i guess i'm 0-2 in your book!

          try amarind though, it's not mexican, but maybe you'll like it