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Nov 2, 2001 02:15 PM


  • d a piece of s***" We went there yesterday for lunch yesterday and were very disappointed. We were the only people there at 3pm. We ordered a sandwich and a small pizza. Well...the waitress brought us the sandwich (which was unbelievably salty)but did not bring us the pizza until much later. Somehow, the kitchen was unable to coordinate the two dishes arriving simultaneously, which makes me very dubious as to what happens when it is busy.

Also, the pizza was marginal at best. The server was gruff and unpleasant.

The IPA was great though.

Anyone else had this experience?

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  1. p
    Paul Tyksins

    ...there's something so utterly lacking in the crust--namely salt and oil. I don't know about you, but i prefer cardboard for my boxes.

    My advice is go down the street (North Ave.) to Piero's or down on Milwaukee to Big Tony's or up Milwaukee to Barcello's. All are not fine dining by any stretch but when it's the pizza that matters, who cares?

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    1. re: Paul Tyksins

      I love Big Tony's. I have had better pizza but, at least they aren't trying to be pompous. They are what they are. Good cheap pizza.

      1. re: dogdoor

        I'll re-second the disappointment with Piece. I revisited last week and found the pizzas to be much the same as before: unsalty, non-oily crust, without any of the complex character that one would hope for in a pie that aspires to such heights. The home-brewed beers are pretty good however.