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Nov 1, 2001 10:28 AM


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Does anybody know of any good italian delis? Perhaps that make sandwiches on homemade bread?

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  1. I'm pretty fond of L'Appetito. It's a little pricey. They have 2 stores: one at the base of the Hancock, the other a couple of blocks west on Superior or Ontario I think. I doubt the bread is homemade, but the owners are real live Italians and there's a pretty nice selection of meats, cheeses and prepared foods.

    There are probably less slick, more "authentic" neighborhood places, but L'Appetito is very centrally located and quite satisfactory.

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      Since we seem to be voting, I'll cast my ballot for L'Appetito as well. The off-Michigan location that Mark was searching for is at Huron and Wabash. I, however, don't think they are pricey. My favorite sandwich there is the grilled ham and emental, for $3.00. If you're not too hungry it can even serve two people, when accompanied by chips or one of their salads.

      I once inquired about their bread, and the owner said that they made it themselves. I doubt that it's made on the small premises, but I have no reason to question her claim. I know that the thin ciabatta style loaf they use for their panini, is not sold anywhere else in the city.


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        It's nice to know about L'Appetito's bread.

        Also wanted to second Conte di Savoie. Haven't been there for ages (no car), but remember it as quite heavenly. The aroma alone.

        Can't wait to try Bari now.

    2. the following link should give you lots of good info.

      I'd be more than happy to hear about others though. Let us know what you find from your search.


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        See my mention of the Conte Di Savoy on Taylor Street.

        But I'll also second L'Appetito. I used to work nextdoor and would often run over for gelato breaks at 3pm, or a shot of good espresso if I had a meeting that I knew would make me sleepy. But good sandwiches too.


      2. FWIW, I like L'Appetito, as well.

        Here are a couple others that are worth trying:

        Bari Foods
        1120 W. Grand Ave.

        Fiore's Domestic Import Deli
        2258 W. Erie

        Erik M.

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        1. re: Erik M.

          A hearty second to Bari - the sandwiches are big and delicious, and reasonably priced. Bari is one of my favorite neighborhood spots and carries some wonderful deli/grocery items as well. They make their own sauces and meatballs, and don't miss the barese italian sausage.

          1. re: coygirl1

            I have had Bari before, and in fact that is what I ended up eating today. I had a wonderful veggie sub, humoungous, with roasted red pepps and sundried tomatoes and eggplant, and (here's the kicker) there were actually capers on the sandwich. Very nice.


        2. One of my favorite places from way back during undergrad years is Fontano's -- both the original one near the UIC campus and the little hole-in-the-wall on Jackson west of Wabash downtown. They do a salami-and-provolone sub sandwich (on locally baked bread) that's just unbelievable.

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          1. re: Lady T

            Fontano's makes a good Italian sub, but beware! if you're not careful they might try to put mayonnaise on your sandwich (at least the one on Jackson).

            1. re: Harry V.

              ...and that did, in fact, happen the first time I had a sandwich at the Jackson location. It actually (heresy!) didn't taste bad. I've never let it happen again, though. :-)

          2. Ginos Deli on North Harlem. About two blocks south of Addison. I cannot say enough about this place and it's dried sausage season. Be sure to pick up a couple along with your marinated mushrooms and artichokes and your fried olives with the garlic and red pepper. Drool.