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Oct 30, 2001 04:59 PM

Long delayed credit where credit is due

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I was chatting today with a fellow chower about our board and some of the lack of interaction on the board. specifically, how we tend not to react to new places but only endlessly argue about things we already know.

so, my friend pointed me to an old post (link below). sure enough, i had managed to not read, let alone not react to this post before. it was about the resturant heat. and i thought that heat was one of our endless stream of chefcentric resturants that produced food untethered to any food that came before it (spring, mod, earth, 160 blue, blackbird, etc.) places that surely served up good food, but bored me incredibly.

when i get around to reading the post, i find out not only was the place not what i thought--noboesque sushi instead of global cusine with french technique--but the post was a long report of a birthday dinner. a post that nobody bothered to respond. i for one feel guilty.



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  1. I wanna add my 2 cents of credit as well. It's through detailed posts like that one that folks like me who haven't been to a place and/or may not have the big bucks to put down very often get to choose wisely. Even if I don't go, i enjoyed the vicarious trip to heat.

    thanks Erik

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      On the basis of the Heat writeup, I took my impoverished student son there when I visited him in Chicago about a month ago. It was fabulous - gorgeous room, friendly helpful staff, and sushi that was far better than any I've had elsewhere. And check out the bathrooms if you go. Perfect. Thank you.

      1. re: SusanL


        I've been away for a few days.
        Thanks for the kind words.
        I'm touched.

        Erik M.