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Aug 5, 2002 07:22 PM

Lake Chelan Area Eats

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Nothing fancy, we'll be there with kids. Anything good and reasonable, or should we plan on cooking for ourselves every day? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I remember having a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Chelan, but can't conjure up a name.

    1. Judy Jane Bakery.

      Across the street from Judy Jane is a good little hamburger stand famous for putting pepper on the fries.

      Apple Cafe (or Apple something, a few blocks north of city center). Look for the apple sign. Inexpensive, just a step above "greasy spoon", good pies and friendly.

      A kind of "black tie" meal can be had at Campbell's but I think it's pricey and still not much compared to what you can get in Seattle.

      Apple harvest starts in September so if you go in August you'll see a lot of fruit on the trees. Royal gala variety is very sweet and delicious, and it's one of the first varieties to harvest. If you find some streetside sellers with new crop galas, buy 'em. Stop in Cashmere if you have time--interesting little town.

      1. I like deepwater brewing company...great beers and a nice seat on the deck...
        One of my favorite things---go to the Farmer's market on saturday mornings in Manson. Get there early--I think it opens at 8 or 8:30. Great homemade jams and baked goods--pies, etc. And good produce if you feel like cooking. Found a great link below, too.


        1. These are both right downtown. Local Myth makes really wonderful pizza. La Laguna is a Mexican seafood place where I had one of the best Mexican dishes of my life, called Campechana. I can't attest to the non-seafood portion of the menu, but my husband and I were both very happy with their seafood.

          1. Having spent quite a bit of time in Lake Chelan over the past few decades I will tell you that it's a good thing you're taking your kids and focusing on their eating style, because it will distract you from the fact that Lake Chelan doesn't have anything BUT kid-type eateries.

            I agree with the other recommendations, and would add that the local "taco wagons" are an excellent choice as well - inexpensive and very fast too. The previous thread here about "taco wagons" probably gives an accurate description of the food you'll expect to find offered.

            I would avoid BC McDonald's downtown (used to be Goochies). Have had a couple of BAD experiences there, both with service and food. I feel sorry for the tourists who wander in there...the ice cream shop located next door might be run by the same people...not sure. It has an excellent choice of ice cream if you don't mind paying the price (I think the banana splits are $7)---> I know, I know...tourist towns are expected to price gouge a bit, but I think some of them take it a bit too far...

            Lake Chelan has been hurting in the "fine dining" arena for quite awhile -- I guess no one has quite figured out how to deal with the 'seasonal' nature of that beautiful little town. A few years ago some of the business owners watned it to resurrect itself as a theme town, like Leavenworth did with success...they decided to try to become a little "Italian Riviera" but the idea was eventually abandoned because not everyone could agree on the theme, and/or the costs involved with major remodeling.

            Every year it seems to be more overrun by teeny boppers with saggy pants and bare midriffs (with big stereo systems, and even bigger attitudes) than the year sad.