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Oct 29, 2001 10:42 PM

Hickory Syrup

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I was at Fox & Obel the other day and picked up some Hickory Syrup after being talked into it by a guy working there. This stuff is great! It kinda tasted like a smoky/earthy maple syrup. I would like to use it for something else besides my pancakes, any tips for a so-so cook?

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  1. I bet it would be good as a baste for pork tenderloin or ham, baked pork chops, etc. A little mixed into heavy cream and swirled into pumpkin or squash soup. On a baked acorn squash with some butter.

    1. Pour it over vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with nuts. Whipped cream and a cherry.

      1. I have a fabulous yellow pea soup recipe from Quebec that uses maple syrup. It would be perfect with a hickory syrup.

        Send me your email address and I'll send you the recipe (I don't have it with me now).


        1. Use it as a marinade for grilled fish--salmon comes to mind.