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Oct 29, 2001 04:43 PM


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Other than at Saks Ukrainian Village (at 2301 West Chicago), where can you get good peirogi?

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  1. the pierogis are great at Kasia's Polish deli, about 2100 w. chicago. its a store, not a restaurant. almost everything is delicious, tho i draw the line at eating breaded hamburgers. some people prefer doughier pierogis, not me. her ham on the bone is wonderfully sweet, not salty. the palushki's are finger shaped dumplings of potato and flour that are a healthier substitute for french fries. her mushroom barley soup is great on a cold winter morning for breakfast..... i could go on , but try it for yourself.i don't appreciate pierogis real greasy, so instead of sauteeing them in butter, i reheat them on a greased cookie sheet, 325degrees for 10 minutes.

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      kasia's are sold in jewels and other suprmarkets in the area. I'm told by a very reliable source that there are good pierogis at Steve's Diner on Elston.

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        The Pierogis at Halana's Restaurant are very good as is their other items. They are located on Lawrence just east of Austin in a strip mall. Their pierogis, potato pancakes and blintzes are availabe in the freezer at whole foods. Pierogis at Whole Foods are available in potato, potato and cheese, saurkraut, mushroom and spinach. I've tried all but the saurkrat and of those mushroom is my favorite. Tried the fruit at the restaurant and they make a great dessert but haven't seen them frozen. The potato pancakes are thin and crisp up great and non-greasy in the oven. The blintzes are sweet and both the apple and cheese are great.

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        I go to Kasia's when I want to cook pierogi's (and for other stuff--if you smile and go on a Monday, sometimes you can get the bone from ham on the bone for about a buck fifty and it comes with about a pound of meat on it--a great cheap soup). I agree about not liking greasy pierogis, but fry some onion up in butter and use that to top your potato or mushroom pierogis. That way you're eating greasy onions, which are good, and a great complement to the pierogi.

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          Or you can go to Pittsburgh. Funnily enough, there's a restaurant there called The Church, on Liberty Avenue, that used to be a Ukranian Catholic church. They've converted it to a restaurant, brew-pub, that features a "pierogi of the day" appetizer. The beer brewing vats are located on the former altar. They also have a pierogi pizza. This sounded way too strange for my delicate sensibilities.


        2. Caesar's Deli on Iowa and Damen. Good sweet peirogis as well. Lot's of good stuff other than the dumplings.

          1. Surprisingly, Four Moon Tavern in Roscoe Village (at Roscoe and Wolcott) has *great* pierogi; they told me once that their supplier is a little lady from the ukranian village (whether that further whets your appetite, bear in mind that bartenders are good at telling you what you want to hear). The flavor selection is great, and they let you order a plate of the mixed, though I could wolf down mushroom pierogi till the end of my days. Served buttery with brown edges, applesauce and sour cream on the side. I seem to recall it's about $5 for an order of 6 or 7.

            1. My favorite Polish hole-in-the-wall restaurant is Podlanka on division between milwaukee and ashland. The food is good and very cheap. Also Mareva's up the block on Milwaukee is pricer but the peirogi are excellent.