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Oct 23, 2001 01:26 PM

Spring and Chinese

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Two questions,

I have reservations at spring for this weekend, and I was wondering if anyone has gone yet? Should I keep them or dump 'em for some place different. Also, I'm fairly new to the city and am looking for a good chinese place?


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  1. Can't tell you about Spring, except that the buzz is good.

    Don't get to Chinatown much, but some of the names you still hear are Emperor's Choice, Hong Min, 3 Happiness (sic?).

    Those more in the know will tell you that your best choice depends a great deal on what you're interested in specifically - seafood, dim sum, etc. Not to mention the regional considerations.

    I have never had any remotely serious Chinese food north of Chinatown. It all seems to be variations on mainstream, americanized fare. However, here again, there are probably those who get around more and may have great ideas for the northside.

    Then, of course, there's southeast asian, which is a whole other story.

    1. See some of the links below about Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown. It's a particular favorite of mine and many others on this board.

      1. I have many Chinese Friends. When they have a celebration they go to Triple Crown on Wentworth, the Phoenix on Archer Ave. and Hong Min -- not glamorous but delicious food.

        In the north side Chinese area, along Argyle and Broadway, Furama is one of the best. Sun Wah on Argyle serves delicious barbecue, excellent eggplant stuffed with shrimp and good fish, butit is not an attractive place.