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Oct 17, 2001 11:52 AM


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I'm heading to my mother's home, this weekend, and have been asked to procure a dozen of the BEST brats that I can find.

I'm thinking Gepperth's...

Erik M.

Gepperth's Meat Market
1964 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

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  1. The Wurst Kitchen
    638 2nd Av N.
    Aurora, Ill.

    This place has some of the best brats and kielbasa in the area. They have been in business at the same location for over 100 years and have built quite a reputation. It is definately worth the drive.

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    1. re: Sid


      That's amazing. It just happens to be on my way...

      Thanks alot.
      Erik M.

      1. re: Erik M.

        Let me know what you think.

        1. re: Sid


          Thanks so much for bringing this place to my attention. I was very pleased. I picked up some mild brats, spicy brats, and kielbasa.
          The owner couldn't have been friendlier. After learning that it was my first time there, he plied me with some free nibbles.
          Apparently, he has customers that come from as far away as the Quad Cities.

          What a cool place.
          Time warp.

          Erik M.

          1. re: Erik M.

            I'm glad you liked them. My parents moved to Naperville in the spring of 2000 and this was one of their first discoveries. When they would come to visit, my mother would always bring back a shipment of sausages for us.

            This weekend we will be in the area to move my parents back to the Twin Cities so this may be the last chance we have to visit the Wurst Kitchen in a while. Since they don't ship we'll have to fill up a cooler for the trip home.

      2. re: Sid

        Gepperth’s sounds like a good choice and so does Wurst Kitchen (never heard of it but it’s going on my list) but my reflex reaction is to recommend Paulina Market. I’ve rarely been disappointed with anything from them and one of their strengths is German sausages. I think they usually have several different types of bratwurst.

        This sounds like a perfect opportunity for a brat tasting, just pick up several at a few different places. I’d love to hear the results.

        Paulina Market
        3501 N Lincoln Av

        1. re: Rene G


          I'd thought about Paulina, but I'm not so familiar with their sausages. [If you've not been to Gepperth's, I highly recommend it. It's a fantastic resource that everyone should have on their list. Every one of us carnivores, that is.]

          I'm leaving the taste-off for my Octoberfest party. This weekend, I've got to make someone else happy.

          Erik M.

      3. Gepperth's is certainly not a bad place to look for brats, (as is the Paulina Market,) but a bit of useful albeit trivial information is that the Gepperth family of butchers no longer owns the market that bears their name.

        I'm not positive of the following chain of events, especially since it happened many years ago, but I think the Gepperth family sold their small eponymous store on Halsted to another butcher, who also paid for and got the right to keep the Gepperth name on the storefront for all of the reputation and good will that it carried. Joey(?) Gepperth, a son of the original, then opened his own butcher shop within the confines of the Lincoln Park Food Store on Webster, a few blocks west. I don't know if there is still a Gepperth running this butcher shop, but it is a pretty good meat market.

        You might also try Hot Doug's on Roscoe. I haven't been there, but it has gotten good reviews on this board, or perhaps on chi.eats. Doug makes all of his own sausages and brats.


        Lincoln Park Food and Liquors
        935 W Webster Ave
        Chicago, IL 60614
        (773) 348-3311

        Hot Doug's
        2314 W Roscoe St
        Chicago, IL 60618
        (773) 348-0326