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Oct 5, 2001 11:44 AM

goodbreakfast AND goodcoffee?

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I read a comment someone made about Tre Kroner and it occurred to me that it's not often you go somewhere get a good breakfast AND remark on the deliciousness of the coffee too. Most breakfast places have pretty bland, often weak or even burnt-tasting coffee which they keep refilling; the coffee bars have bad food, or might have decent baked goods but not eggs or pancakes or bacon. Anybody know places that have both? Also I remember driving past a place I think near the downtown area or just north that claimed to have beignets and New Orleans style coffee, but forget where that was? Any good? It would be great to get fresh beignets on a snowy morning.

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  1. I have enjoyed the breakfast and the coffee at lucky platter in Evanston. kinda funky place with nice french toast, great oatmeal, and some decent scrambles.

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    1. re: zim

      another good breakfast joint that serves intellegensia coffe is Flo's at 1434 W. Chicago - lots of mexican inspired breakfasts and wonderful pancakes.

    2. Actually, I posted a comment making exactly the same point as you and wishing that Tre Kroner had better coffee than they do.

      That said, though I haven't been there since they moved from Lincoln Park to downtown years ago, Ina's Kitchen used to make good coffee. I had some trouble with Ina's because although the food was good, the prices were over the top and the overall atmosphere a bit precious and boutique-y. But again, no complaints about the food.

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      1. re: Mark

        Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The comment about Ina's I DISAGREE! Her coffee is fabulous!
        Ina uses a special blend of coffee from INTELLIGENSIA
        Heard of it? I guess so! It's one of the best. Voted Chicago's #1 coffee, I might add.
        The food is terrific, the decor is very wonderful and Ina her self is a delight.
        Please don't take one person's negitive comment as the truth. Try it yourself!!!!

        1. re: Mary

          We seem to have a communication breakdown. The comment about both Ina's food and the coffee were entirely positive. It was the memory of good breakfast and good coffee there that generated the posting in the frist place.

          Nothing was said about Ina herself at all. Don't know the lady.

          The atmosphere in the old Lincoln Park space was a little hard to take sometimes because at lunch one couldn't help overhearing the conversations of very priviledged people complaining about their very secure and luxurious lives. Not Ina's fault. Just part of the local color.

        2. re: Mark

          I had breakfast there as recently as today and the coffee couldn't be better. For once, a place that serves breakfasts and good coffee...not colored water!

        3. Walker Brothers touts their 100-percent Kona coffee, and it is excellent.

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          1. re: Harry V.

            some like Kona, some don't. I find it kind of thin and acidic compared to Columbian, but of course, it's a matter of individual preference. At least Walker Bros. cares enough to take pride in what they serve.

            I had brunch at She-She recently and they had coffee from Intelligenstia. It was very good, IMO. The brunch was excellent, too.

            (She-She is on Lincoln across from the Old Town School)

            I seem to remember that Wishbone had good coffee, but I could be mistaken.

            1. re: sc

              Exactly - the fact that Walker Bros. takes their coffee seriously is worthy of note on its own. Kona coffee may not be to all tastes, but I enjoy its brightness. My favorite regions are Kona and Costa Rica for lighter, brighter coffees and Sumatra and Java for deeper, richer ones.

              I have always enjoyed She She but have never tried their brunch. What were the highlights?

              1. re: Harry V.
                Vital Information

                Funny, i always thought the coffee at walker brothers was not nearly as good as the rest of the menu, but they serve it with real cream. that kind of makes up for the thin coffee. given the prices of real kona, i doubt even walker brothers sells it. i was in peets the other day, $24.99 for a 1/2 pound!


                1. re: Vital Information

                  It is true that I have only been to Walker Bros. once, when staying over at my mom's house in the suburbs. And my favorable impression of their coffee may also have been influenced by the memory of my mom's less-than-memorable pot of the previous morning (sorry mom!)

                2. re: Harry V.

                  I had bananas foster french toast, my husband had heuvos rancheros and both were excellent. When I remember what the other folks we were eating with had, I'll report back. I think they try to take typical brunch dishes and give them a little innovative twist. The heuvos rancheros came with a tasty black bean cake sort of thing.