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Oct 2, 2001 03:45 AM

Really sick of bad margaritas - Where's the real deal?

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DO NOT tell me El Jardin or I shall have to hurt you.

To add to the bad list: Las Manzanitas (Halsted and Brompton) - detected Rose's Lime Juice. Yuck., the ritas at El Tipico - (Foster Ave. near the police station) - (the food is simply awful) are like a valium cocktail. Tasty but weird. They leave you feeling drained and sadly depressed. I believe our friend Michael has experienced these.

I want a good margarita and I want it now. I'll even put up with so-so food for a good one. Please help. North Side preferable.

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  1. you won't find them in a resturant. try this:
    1 part FRESH lime juice
    1 part Triple Sec
    1 part Cuervo Gold Tequila

    Salt glass (optional). Pour over ice. Let sit a minute. Careful, they're smooth and too, too drinkable. We've reduced friends to drooling idiots with them, which, hey, works for me.

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      Fonda del Mar on Fullerton has spectacular margaritas! And wonderful food!
      The tacos ensenada, sopes, and pibil cochinita are excellent.

      If you make margaritas at home, steer clear of Cuervo! Try Sauza Hornitas, and upgrade that triple sec to Cointreau. Also a splash of simple syrup balances the lime, and the salt on the glass (necessary!!).

      1. re: hungrywolf

        Hope this is still relevant to the OP. He started the thread SEVEN years ago.

    2. I love the mezcal margaritas at Frontera Grill. They're a bit unorthodox, but yummy.

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        I like the 'ritas at Adobo Grill myself. They shake 'em tableside, and they've got about 100 different tequilas to choose from. Perfect with an order of their guac, which is also made tableside. Geez, I'm hungry...

        1. Northside: El Tapatio corner of Ashland and Roscoe. Recommended dishes: pollo crepes and guisado de res (beef stew).
          Near North: This is a bar so grab some food from your favorite taqueria and then head to the Matchbox (corner of Ogden and Milwaukee). They make proper cocktails. The vodka gimlets made with fresh lime & raw egg whites are my favorite and a reliable source swears by the margaritas (don't be looking for a blender). It's cramped quarters so get there early and if it's nice you can snag a table outside.

          1. i had a nice margarita at izapulzalco (i am probably butchering the spelling here) restaurant on milwaukee avenue. speaking of which, the food was excellent...we went on a thursday which i believe is the night for the green mole...outstanding. the appetizers were exactly that...little tastes of mouthwatering guacamole, salsas, etc...that had us eagerly anticipating the entrees. the chef doted on us all night as we were one of the few tables there early. he was exceedingly congenial and generally interested in whether or not we liked the food. i am not a margarita conossieur, but this place is worth checking out for the food too.