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Sep 28, 2001 02:06 PM


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After many years in Evanston/Chicago, just after attending our Chicago dinner and making many new ChicagoHound friends, i'm starting a new job in St.Louis. So i'll start posting on the Midwest board since St.Louis Doesn't have enough activity (*drat*) to support its own board-- Or does it, Jim? Anyway, though i'll be back and forth between cities for the forseeable future, my home base is now across the river. Best to all.

Cliff A.

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    Vital Information

    The good new, Cliff, is that St. Louis is filled with some great chow places including Ted Drewes, the entire hill neighborhood and the crown candy ice cream palace (do not let the neighborhood scare you away).

    perhaps our next chowdown should be a road trip to st. louis (where ever we go, we won't have to wait to get in, no?)

    good luck


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    1. re: Vital Information

      Having lived in Chicago, i'm pretty much undaunted by any nabe St.L has to offer. I've been to Ted Drews-- in fact it's about around the corner from my new apt. Come to town anytime. Stay in touch. Best,

      1. re: Cliff

        Well, I'm glad we got to meet you before you moved. Thanks for all the tips, and good luck in St Louis. Please be sure to go eat a snoot sandwich and report in full...


    2. See you on the midwestern board when I post on Milwaukee, Madison, Twin Cities, Northern Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula. And maybe see you again for another Chicago Chowdown.