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Sep 24, 2001 12:48 PM

carbo loading

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I will be in Chicago to run the Marathon. My friend has made reservations at two different restaurants and has asked me to choose where I want to carbo load the night before the big run. My choices are Maggiano's or Rudifazulis. I have looked at both menus and they both seem to be generic pasta places. These are my only choices, so please let me know which place has tastier and more satisfying pasta.

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  1. I like La Donna in Andersonville (Clark, a little south of Foster) - good homemade pasta.

    1. You'll certainly get MORE pasta at Maggiano's, and it's decent fare. It's not the best pasta in the world, but since you're loading up, its the carbs that matter.

      La Donna (mentioned in another post) is indeed excellent, and will give you good portion sizes, but nothing like the blatant excess that Maggiano's provides. And frankly, I don't think it's the best recommendation for carbo-loading the night before the marathon.

      I love La Donna, but wait until you can enjoy it with a nice glass of wine (a no-no before your marathon!) and some excellent desserts (refined sugar, another no-no).

      Good luck! Have a great run.

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        Vital Information

        Why always pasta? Here are a couple of alternatives for mas carbo:

        A) Columbian - A meal at any of the following will likely include rice, and potatos and beans and plaintans and maybe yucca and maybe corn pancakes (arepas) and maybe even some avocado
        1) El Llano - North Lincoln near Grace
        2) Flying Chicken - near el llano
        3) Las Tablas - Lincoln south of belmont
        4) Ristorante Columbiana - Fullerton near kedzie

        B) Noon-o-kebab - you cannot possibly eat all the basmati rice they provide and the nan bread is great

        C) Vietamese - Rice noodle soup a/k/a Pho - Lots of choices on Argyle, I'm partial to Pho 777

        D) Chinese - Great big bowls of noodles, won ton, dumplings, etc. at Seven Treasures - two locations in chinatown, south wentworth and in the chinatown mall

        Me, I'd stick with the columbian.