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Sep 24, 2001 11:54 AM

Bishop's Chili

  • j

Been gone for a long time and on my return I found Bishop's Chili on 18th. and Damen gone, gone, gone. Just plain bulldozed and replaced by an industrial building.

Does anyone know if they moved, and if so, where? Also, where can I get my Filberts Rootbeer fix now?

At least Playa Azul and Neuva Leon is still alive on 18th.

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  1. There were 2 or 3 other Bishop’s in the western suburbs. Maybe someone more familiar with that area can confirm if they are still around.

    For Filbert’s root beer you can go to Lindy’s Chili. I think Mellow Yellow in Hyde Park serves it too (something about Filbert’s and chili). NN Smokehouse was the only place I’ve seen it on the north side. I’m not sure if the new place in NN’s old location (with almost the same menu) still carries it.

    But why not go to the source? The Filbert’s factory is definitely worth a visit; there can’t be many of these old places left anywhere. It's just a little brick building in west Bridgeport. They've been at it since 1926, but only at that location since 1992. When you walk in the side door you're in a sort of a loading area with cases of pop everywhere. Toward the back there's an old bottling line clanking away, capping the bottles one by one. It's a lot of fun to watch and the place smells wonderful.

    And it's really cheap. Not long ago a case of no return twist-offs was $8 and a case of quarts ran $6 (+ $3 deposit). If you're really serious about this root beer thing you can get a keg (don't know the price but I'm sure it's a great deal). They also make quite a few other flavors.

    3430 S Ashland Av
    open until 5 Mon-Sat

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    1. re: Rene G

      When I was a kid, the Filbert's factory was on Archer Ave., right near where 31st. curves to hit Archer, near the river. I remember the bottle clinking sounds.

      In my family, there is a life-long debate between the Lindy's faction and the Bishops' people.

      I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to learn of Bishop's branches and that Filbert's is alive and bottling. I will make the trek. Thanks.

      1. re: Jack

        Hi, Jack--

        I'm very glad that you got the info you were looking for. May I make one suggestion? We have tons and tons of members, so it will be hard for us to get to know you with an undistinctive nametag like Jack. Maybe be a bit more creative? Or at least distinct? Thanks!

        1. re: Jack
          Leemarie Bonk

          Need to know where in the Chicagoland area, specifically Northwest side, Bishop's Chili can be purchased........thank you!

          1. re: Leemarie Bonk

            Bishop’s Chili used to be available frozen in some supermarkets but I’m not sure if it still is. I haven’t specifically looked for it (even though I always enjoyed going to the old place on 18th and Damen I was never a huge fan of their chili). It looks like they now have only a single store, in North Riverside. They have a website (link below) with contact information so you could ask them if it’s sold elsewhere. You could also mail order directly through their website.


      2. There is a Bishop's Chili in North Riverside. They
        use to be on Roosevelt Rd. and Harlem Ave. which is
        now a Walgreens.

        I eat there about once a Month and love the good ole'
        Filberts Rootbeer!


        1. I know this answer is about 12 years too late for Jack, but there is still one original Bishop's Chili bar/restaurant left in the Chicago area. It is about 15 miles west of downtown Chicago on Cass Ave in Westmont. Good old-time chili!