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Sep 21, 2001 03:53 PM

Dedication to chow?

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I recently read a letter about someone showing remarkable dedication to the art of chowing as he sampled various foods in and near san francisco.

Since the board itself seems a bit slow of late--too much phoned in pizza as we watch cnn?--I was wondering how many times people "chow" each week, that is how many times do we eat to live vs. live to eat.

Me, for instance, I have been eating leftover bar-b-que all week, so my chow opportunities have been limited. On the other hand, I am dedicated tonight to finding out what Korean chicken really means (with a side Penguin introduction for my wife). So, I have not had much to post about.

What about others, do you only post when you've found something good? Do you wait for good threads. It seems at least one chowhound compiles vast and deep dispatchs in between posts. So, bottom line, how do you chow?


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  1. I generally post for three reasons:

    1. I eat somewhere great.
    2. I eat somewhere that has made me sad and want to warn others.
    3. I feel I can offer something of substance to a particular thread.

    As for hunting for chow, I do keep my eyes and ears open. However, I find that I tend to frequent many of my usual spots (generally great chowhound finds), and only once in a while do I go out in search of something new, exciting, and different.

    Like many of the other chowhounds I've talked to, I also have a sincere love of cooking, and I spend much of my evening time (and money) pursuing interesting recipes and techniques I've come across. I enjoy trying to recreate some of those tasty meals I've come across in my search for chow.