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Sep 21, 2001 01:24 PM

World Music festival

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Hey does anyone know of any food related events associated with this? Or where the performers are eating?

For those interested the schedule for the festival is linked below

Link: http://www.cityofchicago.org/WorldMusic/

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  1. On Friday I went to HotHouse (31 E Balbo) to hear Habib Koité, a guitar player from Mali. Great music and an all around great time.

    Food from Dekegar, the Liberian/soul food restaurant in Pilsen (1530 W 18th St), was being served from the room behind the bar. I had a little sample of just about everything on offer. Nearly everything had been cooked a very long time and most of it was very good. A small turkey leg was beyond tender but fantastic. The fish unfortunately was overcooked by about half a day. Beef shank (I think) was good. Great red beans and decent rice. Plantains and sweet potatoes were both cooked beyond recognition but were excellent. I had a little dab of their homemade Scotch bonnet paste, probably the hottest thing I’ve had in years ("Are you sure?" she asked as she doled out about an eighth of a teaspoon). Don’t miss this if you’re a hot food fan. Food was $8 a plate, a very good deal.

    I know Dekegar will be back at HotHouse on Thursday the 27th for Black Earth Ensemble (with Nicole Mitchell, flute). I don’t know if it will be as crowded as last Friday but if you want food I’d suggest getting there not long after the 7pm showtime.

    I forgot to ask whether HotHouse would have food on other nights (seems very possible but I’d be sure to call). I don’t know about the other venues but I wouldn’t be surprised if some might have food too.

    I can’t recommend these events highly enough. Lots of free stuff too.

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      Hey Rene and others.

      for those of you interested in the festival you may want to sign up for the City dept. of Cultural affairs e-mail update. They e-mailed me corrections to the schedule that is out everywhere (due to the 9/11 events). Including the fact the Koite had scheduled a second show yesterday in garfield park. You can do it off the main page (link in earlier post)