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amitabul's new location

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hey all... I heard about this board through the New Yorker article (I live in Chicago). Anyway, I was reading through the old posts today and saw the Amitabul thread & wanted to respond, belatedly.

Amitabul is very much alive in its new location on Milwaukee near Devon (a couple blocks south of Devon I think). Chef Dave (who was part-owner of Jim's Grill and the old Amitabul) has quit those restaurants to focus on this one full-time. The food is better than ever, and there are many new dishes on the menu that have a Tibetan/Indonesian influence. You can still get Energy Nuts and misogetti by special request. There are even vegan ice creams on the menu now... Try the herb maki, it's amazing.

Jim's Grill is still open (as of the last time I was there, a couple weeks ago). They have very weird hours (closed every day by 3:30 p.m.). It's still my favorite breakfast place whenever I can get there. I went once to the ex-Amitabul on Southport and had one of the blandest Korean vegetable dishes I've ever tasted (forget what it was now)--I had to use half a bottle of hot sauce on it...

Anyway, the new Amitabul is great and everyone should go there. I'm worried that no one knows of its move. As a vegetarian (mostly vegan) who loves Korean food, I would be completely crushed (and relegated to eggless bi bim bop forever) if Amitabul ever closed for real.

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  1. um, yeah. the move was covered in the original thread, so no need to be worried, but thanks for the informative update. Does Jim's still do (comparably good) korean food, or is it now a reg'lar ol' diner since the change of ownership?

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      everything seems to be exactly the same at jim's, i.e. still good. not even the specials have changed.