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Sep 14, 2001 10:45 AM

Mexican seafood--Playa Azul

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18th and ashland across from nuevo leon
great mexican seafood--great fish and bouillabaise sp? type soups-- siete mares= seven seas soup

my fave is the arroz con mariscos--rice with many kinds of seafood

ample portions

cheap beer and margaritas

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  1. This is a fantastic place, been going here almost as long as NUevo, when I want to switch it up a little. There used to be a place with the same name and menu up on Irving and Broadway, although I'm not sure if they are directly related (or just distant cousins).

    My favorite dish is the terrific, crispy, garlicky Hauchinango al mojo da aho (spelling way off) or deep fried red snapper with garlic sauce. They also have a very competant red snapper "veracruzana." I also love their interestingly named pico de gallo, which at Playa Azul is a huge plate of shrimp and octopus cut up with a bit of of onion, tomato and cilantro and spritzed with lime--incredible on warm tortillas with a bit of salsa--this is an appetizer mind you, and at $8.95, can feed 2 people. The soups are great also, I find the 7 seas version a bit too crowded, but I often get the shrimp and fish offering, which is a huge bowl of soup (to which you add your own onion, cilantro, avocado and lime). Their chips are a very good, low-grease rendering, and the salsa is good if not great.

    overall, a very, very good spot.