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Sep 13, 2001 10:28 PM

Frozen custard

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It has been noted that pretty decent frozen custard can be found in very south oak park--the oak park vicinity probably being the ice cream capital of the chicago area. But it was asked where else can one find quality custard.

Of course, frozen custard of the quality found in st. louis or milwaukee is, well found in st. louis and milwaukee. i do know of one little slice of wisconsin that is spreading towards us like a band of killer bees. it is the culver's chain of custard and butterbugers (with trademark). Culvers delivers the butterfat in several chicago suburbs (see link below).

I know of one other decent custard place. on north state, around the corner from the division street bars, about across the street from barnes and noble, is a newly opened custard place. i like the way their custard falls in big slabs out of the custard machine into waiting pits, ala ted drewes, instead of swirled directly into a cone. this form of custard is more dense. i have visited twice. the first time the custard lacked the really lipcoating creaminess associated with good custard. the second time, i was much happier.



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  1. Thanks for the leads. My Wisconsin-transplant friends were pretty happy with the Oak Park place and should be even happier now.

    I knew of Culver’s but had no idea there were so many of them, especially in Illinois. Looks like there may be a trip to Schaumburg coming up.

    The other place was completely new to me. I stopped at Dillon’s yesterday for a quick cup and thought it was pretty good. Again, not in Kopp’s league but you can’t be too picky about custard in Chicago. They have been open only about 2 months and really seem to be trying hard to please.

    I believe they have several flavors each day; it was vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter when I visited. I was impressed that on different days they make 5 different types of vanilla (Madagascar, Indonesian, Tahitian, Mexican, and a blend) as well as several types of chocolate. I had the Tahitian and enjoyed it. They even solicit flavor suggestions from their customers.

    They make a number of sundaes, shakes, etc. Only after I got home did I notice the Root Beer Swimmer on the menu. This is basically a root beer float but what makes it special, other than the custard, is that they use Gale’s root beer. Gale is Gale Gand, chef at Tru and a root beer fanatic. Her root beer is interesting, spicier than most brands. I’ll try the Swimmer next visit.

    Dillon’s Custard Shoppe
    1157 N State St
    Fall hours: 2:30-10:30, Mn-Fr; 12:30-10:30, St-Sn