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Sep 12, 2001 02:17 PM

Pancake Houses in the West Burbs

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Having recently moved back to Chicagoland after a self-imposed 8 year long exile in California, I find myself living in the middle of "Pancake House Land", aka the Western Suburbs. I love pancakes, so this is a good thing. I have tried at least a half-dozen such establishments within a 5 minute drive of my house, and although each of them has their own certain charms, none of them seem to make good old-fashioned American style pancakes the way I like em, namely thick, chewy, and eggy. All of the buttermilk pancakes I have had so far have been nice and thick, but much more of a cakey consistency than what I like. This is true even at the best pancake house I've been to yet, the Pancake Cafe on 75th St. and Rickert Dr. in Naperville, where all of their other specialties (baked apple pancakes, baked German pancakes, Swedish pancakes, omelettes, etc.) have been outstanding.
Does anyone know a place in the west burbs that serves nice thick chewy eggy buttermilk pancakes?

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    Have you tried Lumes on roosevelt road in lombard? it is your basic coffee shop menu, but the quality is a bit above average. the pancakes are fine and the VERY big omlettes are pretty good too