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Sep 10, 2001 10:44 PM

reverse snobbery birthday problem on hands

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My boyfriend is a reverse snob par excellence and it is his birthday this coming weekend. I need an off the beaten path sort of scene (the anti-Zagat). If it specializes in eccentricity, all the better. Anything a bit odd but tasty will do the trick.

Any suggestions??

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  1. s
    senor panzone

    metro club 3032 n lincoln
    husband wife daughter place great food
    meltin mouth wiener shnitzel huge portions
    great goulash--when trib asked for secret to his recipe
    pepo said "its made mitt luv"
    proprietor pepo will play dirty jazz, blues accordian for you if you buy him a kabanes liquor, which try

    when? maybe i'lll go!!

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    1. re: senor panzone

      i have heard that she has a new restaurant and is very eccentric. wendy maybe? i dunno...maybe some other hounds can supply details...

      1. re: rhiannon

        yes, see thread below - same location but now called something else, and a bit more downscale - kabobs and cous cous type things.