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Sep 7, 2001 02:55 PM

You've Got the Look

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Zim, Tom's Broiled Foods is another great looker (have not been either), maybe now, after all the the sign says under new management. Here is a running list of places that have the look:

diner grill - irving park and southport
classic hopper style counter, brightly lit aganinst the dark sky

gene and jude's hot dog stand - river road near grand, elmwood park?
classic version of the chicago hot dog stand

orange garden chop suey - irving park and damen
art deco classic inside as well as facade

tom's broiled foods - harlem and garfield, forest park
the marquee resturant - roosevelt and 25th avenue (about), maywood
both have great big vegas style signs

superdawg - milwaukee and devon
a bit of southern california on the far north side

the standup bar at the beghoff
perhaps what the bar in heaven looks like?

the walnut room at marshall fields - state and washington
worth the wait and the mediocre food

jim's grill - maxwell street
the hollywood - lincoln and lawrence
dewey's grill - north clark street
everything at the old bismark hotel (like a leftover film set for the re-make of maltese falcon)

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  1. another classic hot dog stand is Bill's just over howard on asbury (the continuation of western) in evanston--been there forever and looks it)

    1. Do you know the Berghoff bar now has stools? I don’t know what they were thinking (I suspect it had to do with competition from Elephant & Castle—a lousy place—just down the street). The stools were intended for use at the side tables but people drag them over to the bar. They’re chrome and green vinyl and really upset the whole look of the place.

      A couple others for the list:

      Ramova Grill (3510 S Halsted) is an old chili parlor that has barely changed since the 1920s. Better inside than out, it’s like stepping into another era. They make a distinctive, mildly seasoned bowl of chili (beans only on request) that I like more and more with each visit.

      Fat Johnnie’s (7242 S Western) is yet another classic Chicago hot dog stand. Just a little trailer with garish signs set along a stretch of used car lots. You have to crouch down a little to peer in the window to order. Pretty good hot dogs (with a peeled cucumber strip instead of pickle).

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        Ha!--Fat Johnny's dyno-mite dinners on a bun! I grew up about 1/2 mile from there. THAT place is OLD--there about 30 years I would guess. Sure do miss it, now that I've relocated.


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        Vital Information

        Tom's Broiled Foods is now Mom's place. The new, neonless, bulbless, non-vegas sign advertises "italian-mexican-home cooking" or something to that effect.