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Sep 7, 2001 10:56 AM


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hello all,

Rene's suggestion of Pita Inn on Dempster for Dolma got me to wondering if any of you have more suggestions for skokie. There are quite a few middle eastern places on dempster that I know next to nothing about but have the proximity to check out. I had heard good things about taboule only to see it vanish before I had a change to eat there. Really the only places on this stretch that i have had are poochies and kaufman's

Anyone with aome area knowledge?

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  1. Your best choice for middle eastern food would be at Salaam. This palestinian restaurant located on
    Kedzie (in Chicago) between Irving Park and Lawrence Ave. where you can find other middle eastern stores.

    After a long quest for the real thing I found Salaam
    which is far better then Pita Inn or Tabouleh.

    The food is authentic. The price is right.

    Try it and report back.

    By the way my email address is named after their Chicken sandwich.

    No affiliation but love for this food.

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    1. re: mad dog

      thanks for the rec, there has been much discussion of that are on kedzie on the board including salaam.

      I am actually interested in that particular stretch of dempster and those nearby for convenience re: to/back from airport, kids soccer games, grocer I frequent (village market on dempster) etc.

      so any recs for skokie?

      1. re: zim

        Just west of McCormick, on the north side of Dempster, is a great independent butcher - E&M Fancy Foods. Individual service, nice meats, nice butchers, and a place to buy frozen demi glace. In the next block west, is a greengrocer with a good selection of fruits, vegetables and deli items. Opposite E&M is Breadsmith, an artisan breadmaker chain (not a contradiction). Because they're kosher, they're closed on Saturdays.