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Sep 6, 2001 12:48 PM

Hound Seeking Chow in Lagrange

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Any recommendations for a chowhound on his way to La grange, IL?

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  1. It is not in La Grange, but we enjoy the food and the location of the Chew Chew Cafe in Riverside. Grumpy's for ice cream cones and a walk over the foot bridge just up the road or through the park next to the swan pond after make for a pleasant evening.

    Chew Chew Café
    1 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546

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      Vital Information

      On the way from where? If you are going south on harlem, there is always krispy kreme (just sourth of archer). Further south on harlem, around the 8000's or even further (bridgview) are an assortment of middle-eastern resturants. i have only been to one, i believe it was shish-ka-bob house, but there were several that looked interesting.


      1. Baja Fresh just opened on LaGrange and Ogden, it's just fast food, but good fast food. There are several other restaurants on La Grange Rd. just south of the Metra tracks that include pretty good thai food at Thipi Thai, fancier finer dining at Maison and several Italian and nicer Mexican restaurants with outdoor seating at several places.