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Sep 4, 2001 11:02 AM

what happened to Amitabul?

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anyone know what became of Amitabul, the vegetarian Korean restaurant that used to be on Southport near the brown line? Feeling under the weather last week, I stopped by hoping to pick up some Dr. Kinsey's flu cure soup and ... it was gone!! what gives?

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  1. Don't know what happened to Amitabul. I was there in the last 6 months and it was really seedy inside and depressing-- so maybe they just petered out and slid into the abyss. The meal I had there was just awful--- maybe they had a change in ownership or chef?

    1. I read somewhere that Jim (of Jim's Diner) just tired of it all. I think he was part owner of Amitabul too, and that the other owners took it over. I'll do some fact checking on this.

      Now it seems to be called Great Eastern BBQ, but when I walked by on Friday night it was practically empty.

      It seems that Korean Buddhist Vegetarian is no longer strictly Korean, nor is it Buddhist, and there's meat on the menu.

      I wasn't a huge fan of Amitabul, but I liked the idea, and am sad that it is now gone, succumbing, perhaps, to the icky yuppie lincoln-parky area that the Southport neighborhood has become.

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        does that mean Jim's Diner is history, too?

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          It was all closed down last time I drove by. Pity.

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            Vital Information

            I bet most of you agree with this, but was not Jim's a whole lot better than Amitabul. The vegetable pancakes at Jims WITH meat were just right. The pancakes at Amitabul always were missing something. At jim's there was plenty to choose from, at Amitabul, I really struggled. Plus, you could get a side of really strong kimchee at Jim's (and coffee too!)


      2. NO,
        it hasn't closed it just moved way up NW on milwaukee - bigger space etc. 69xx Milwaukee. What I heard it that what was amitabul was given to a family member (cousin?) to run. Jim of Jim's diner had gotten tired of running too many places and is gonna concentrate on the new amitabul.