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Sep 2, 2001 05:52 PM


  • j

How is Katsu on Peterson? I have heard mixed things, and I also was curious about the prices. Does it have significantly better sushi than Matsuya, Tokyo Marina, and Kotobuki?

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  1. Katsu is very good, IMO.
    I've not been to Tokyo Marina or Kotobuki, but I have been to Matsuya. If sushi/sashimi is what yr after, I think that Katsu is significantly better than Matsuya. About the prices...Moderate. Probably more expensive than the places you listed. I think you get what you pay for. [Personally, I flinch when I hear the words "cheap" and "sushi" used in the same sentence.]

    Erik M.

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    1. re: Erik M.

      Actually, Kotobuki is priced moderate to high, but the sushi there is much better than Tokyo Marina, which is just passable. I prefer Matsuya to either of them, however.

      Looking forward to trying Katsu. Thanks for the recommendation--if it surpasses Matsuya (which I think is good, moderately priced sushi), then I'll be v. v. pleased.

      1. re: Michael

        It's been years since we ate at Matsuya - the food was extremely erratic there. When we're in that area, we go to Sanko, which is just up the block (toward Wrigley). Not a big menu, but consistently good food.

        That area has been devastated by development recently. Three good restaurants died: Nagano, PanAsia and La Paillote.

      2. re: Erik M.

        Hey erik - did you by any chance try the ramen? I saw some interesting stuff on their menu and wondered how it compared to tampopo.

        1. re: zim

          Hey, zim.

          I'm not gonna be much help to you at all...
          I haven't tried the ramen noodles at Katsu, nor have I been to Tampopo.

          I read yr post about Chasu Ramen at Tampopo. That sounded really good.

          Erik M.