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Aug 31, 2001 09:51 AM

parking near maxwell st market?

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I'm going to "the new maxwell street market" for the first time this Sunday. Is there anywhere to park anywhere nearby?

Given that there are 400 some vendors, it may be hard to navigate. Any suggestions for specific food vendors to look out for? I do have the article by Rick Bayless for Saveur mag about his experiences there.



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    Lee, I neve have too much problems parking near maxwell street. I usually turn down the next street west of canal, gosh i'm going senile, and drive slow. someone usually departs as you arrive.

    see my post below to the weekender and also farther down, there is much more on maxwell street. i will say that my favorite place is towards the southern end of maxwell street. if you look close you will know this place because of three clues: women making handmade tortillas, steak being grilled on charcol not gas or griddle and tacos with red mole sauce. also, as mentioned in my last maxwell street post, do get the fresh made churros.

    finally, does anyone know who buys the dental and surgical instruments?

    1. Enter the market from 18th street. Go down the right hand aisle. About the second or third taco stand you come to--no name, however you will know its the one as they are making large corn tortillas and melting big chunks of Chihuahua cheese in them. Also it is the only stand without a deep fryer on prominent display. These quesadillas are pure love. You can get them filled with mushroom stew (hongos) steak, mole with pork, and a number of other things--next time I go I plan to try the Chicharron and the lengua. The salsa is the perfect amount of spice. When I go to the market I usually go there first then walk the rest of the market, buy some nuts, don't miss the oxacan (sp?) tamale stand, and get some freshly fried churros. My quesadilla expeditions have become a necessity at least twice a month. You will see.