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Aug 29, 2001 10:01 PM


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I am from Terra Haute, IN. Are there any restaurants in Chicago that specialize in cheese and crackers? In TH we have a place called Sloopy's that does a great cheese and cracker menu. I will be visiting Chicago in November and want the best cheese and crackers that can be had in Chicago. HELP!

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  1. Not sure about crackers, but the more upscale restaurants often have a cheese course. They will generally serve it with appropriate bread stuff.

    If you're thinking more of bruschetta and things topping toast, try Spanish tapas places - Cafe Iberico for example. Or try wine bars. They don't necessarily have a huge selection of cheese, but they may have what you want. Webster's wine bar, for example, has some bruschettas and a cheese selection, as well as roasted garlic with cheese and bread.

    Webster's Wine Bar
    1480 W. Webster Ave.

    Cafe Iberico
    739 N. La Salle St.